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Furaibo, in the heart of Perth city, is what you’d call an Izakaya – a casual Japanese bar. In saying that, at Furaibo, the food is far from casual. Sure, you’ll find some of the most popular chicken wings in town here, but all the produce that the kitchen uses is premium quality.

I was so excited to get an invite to check out their new Shabu Shabu ($85pp) spring set menu.

The taste bud tempting al la carte menu mixes authentic Japanese recipes with the freshest of ingredients, while Furaibo’s bar has a “bar bites” menu to enjoy with local and Japanese beers, spirits and cocktails. Upstairs is where you’ll find their stylish dining room and balcony. The Furiabo balcony is where we were enjoying lunch on a beautiful sunny day.

On our table we found a gas burner and hot pot – exciting!

At Furaibo there is a new sake tasting experience. For $35, you’ll get to enjoy five 30ml nips of premium Japanese sake, complete with tasting notes.

Furaibo Menu

First up on the menu is a delicious pumpkin soup, finished with onion crème and fish roe.

Next, is the chef’s daily selection of premium sashimi cuts – kingfish, yellowtail, salmon and tuna. Served with pickled ginger, wasabi and soy sauce, this fish is incredibly fresh and tasty.

And then… to the main event! The hot pot on the gas burner is fired up, and ready to go. A selection of veggies – bok choy, cabbage, carrot, mushrooms of all shapes and sizes, plus tofu and noodles are placed into the bubbling water. The food is cooked for a just minute or two. I swish it around with chopsticks, before dipping into the sesame sauce, house ponzu and accompaniments.

I was SO impressed with the locally bred premium wagu. The thinly sliced cuts are beautifully marbled with fat. This has a grading of M9+. I scooped it out of the water after only about 20 seconds of cooking and it melted in my mouth. Exquisite!

Shabu Shabu means “Swish Swish” in Japanese.

It was such a novelty cooking overlooking the bustling William Street below!

We finished with a creamy matcha rice pudding.

The Gluten Factor

The set menu was altered slightly for me. I enjoyed a soul warming chicken broth for entrée. A GF soy with the sashimi, different dipping sauce to the sesame for the shabu shabu, as well as omitting the odon noodles. I didn’t feel like I missed out at all and was very full by the end of lunch.

I loved my first visit to Furaibo. Shabu shabu is a brilliant experience, as well as being delicious and a great idea for a date night with a difference. Furiabo Perth is found at Raine Square, making it super easy to get to by train. Be sure to check it out.

Find Furaibo at Raine Square, 300 Murray St, Perth CBD.

Get more info on their website.

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