Pancakes at Carillon {CLOSED}


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Pancakes at Carillon had been around for years. To some it’s a Perth institution. I’d never been and The Pastry Chef (Chef’s little brother) had asked us along for breakfast there – he’d been a few times and enjoyed it (though I think he must make pretty good pancakes himself!).IMG_9468

We sat down and enjoyed a few coffees whist we waited for our indulgent breakfast to arrive!

Chef had a man-sized appetite and chose the WORKS BREAKFAST ($19.50)  This massive brekkie consists of fluffy buttermilk Pancakes, topped with a generous serve of whipped butter. On the side were three grilled breakfast chipolatas, bacon, a grilled tomato, two free range eggs (how you like) and crisp hash browns. Also included is a glass of juice.IMG_9454

Not one for sweets so early in the morning, I opted for the brunch-y sounding ASPARAGUS CREPES ($20.50). Fresh asparagus spears were served on top of thin, delicate homemade Crepes that are filled with a fresh cheese and asparagus sauce with hollandaise draped over the top. The side salad was really tasty and fresh too, not just an after thought. I have to say it’s the first time I’ve had salad for breakfast!IMG_9459

Little Chef’s eyes almost popped out of his head when his pancakes arrived…. the CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN ($6.90) was a fluffy buttermilk pancake, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, drizzle of chocolate sauce and sprinkled with tons of 100’s and 1000’s. I can assure you that this kind of breakfast isn’t a regular occurrence!IMG_9457

We all enjoyed our pancakes, they were as light and fluffy as I’d hoped. I got a case of food envy seeing everyone drizzle their pancake stacks with Maple syrup, so next time I think I’ll go for something sweet!

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