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Hello! I’m Amanda – a food, family and travel writer. I’m so glad you stopped by. Here’s a little bit about me and my Perth food blog. 

A Perth Food Blog

I’m considered one of the OG Perth Food Bloggers. In early 2013, before Instagram was a big thing,  I turned my food writing idea into a reality. I was married to a Chef for over a decade, so for the best part of 18 years I’ve been surrounded by the Perth hospitality industry. 

I’ve lived and breathed the industry, even working in a Michelin starred kitchen as a “Chef de Plonge” – otherwise known as a Dishy! Observing a kitchen during service on a hectic Saturday night cemented my respect of hospo workers. My love of food is genetic – my Dad has an insatiable enthusiasm for food and I’m just the same!

I prefer to use the term “recommendation” and not “review” on my blog. I’d like to only mention places that are worth going to, not focus on negative experiences. Believe me, there are plenty of bad dining places around town. I like to do my research first and usually pick spots that have relatively good reputations to begin with. However, I’m well aware that everyone – including Chefs – have off days. So I focus on those fantastic places around Perth that I’d be happy to tell a friend they must go and try. Hopefully the crappy places get no air time and fade away…

My blog started as an idea that I kept to myself for a long time and for a while I didn’t have the  self-belief that I could pull it off. I shared my idea with a few close friends and it’s really thanks to their encouragement that I did. I surprised myself at my blog’s success and created something bigger than I ever expected with over 20,000 followers over my social media platforms (March 2022). 

In 2021 I changed the name of my Perth food blog… from “The Chef, His Wife and Their PERTHfect Life” to “Simply PERTHfect”. Chef and I separated and it turned out I’d painted myself into a corner with the blog’s name… Whoops! It was always a bit of a mouthful – so I’m enjoying a fresh change to my blog.

About Me…

Image by City of Vincent

I’m Perth girl in my thirties who just loves to eat and write about Perth food. I’m also a busy working mum of 12 year old “Little Chef”. My claim to culinary fame is that I’ve worked in a Michelin starred restaurant’s kitchen as a “Chef de Plonge”…. aka a Dishy!! 

I’m immensely proud of the city of Perth and my biggest pet hate was the “Dullsville” tag that it couldn’t shake for so long. Pre-corona we were still in an exciting phase of growth in the city dining and hospitality scene – I hope it bounces back. We’ve come a long way in the last decade with the additions of Crown Towers, Hibernian Place and the Ritz!

I was born and bred in the Perth Hills, which many of you will notice, as I have a BIG LOVE for the Kalamunda area. I’m immensely proud of my Yorkshire heritage and I have lived in the UK no less than 4 times! My culinary highlight has been dining at many Michelin starred restaurants, including Heston’s Hinds Head in Bray, England and Le Jules Verne on the Eiffel Tower.

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My Non-Food Loves

Besides food – my other big love is Formula One (it’s #1 on my bucket list to go to a GP ). I was a total fan girl when I visited Daniel Ricciardo’s RB8 at the WA Motor Museum. I also loved the epic series Game of Thrones, visiting some of the locations on a trip to Northern Ireland. Recently I’ve been obsessed with Outlander (books and TV show). Check it out and thank me later *wink* I’m also a massive music lover (my Dad owned a record store when I was a kid), and my vinyl collection is growing by the week! 

Contact My Perth Food Blog

I would love to hear from you! 

Please send me an email at amanda@simplyperthfect.com or a “Private Message” via my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SimplyPERTHfect if you would like to get in touch.

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