Digital Marketing Freelancer Perth

Don’t know a hashtag from a hash brown?! Can’t string a sentence together? I can help you. I love my day job as a Digital Marketing Freelancer in Perth. If you’re looking for a Perth copywriter, or someone to manage your social media accounts – shoot me an email!

Digital Marketing Freelancer Perth

I offer my services for those that don’t have the time, confidence or knowledge to tackle the blogging and social media world. I can write website copy, articles and blogs for you, as well as manage your Facebook and Instagram accounts – leaving you free to do what you do best!

Digital media is a very powerful marketing medium and necessary communication tool to remain visible to your existing customers and enticing new clients too. I specialise in working with tourism, hospitality and lifestyle companies. Over the last 8 years, I have worked with many restaurants, cafes and local governments all around Perth. You may have even seen my taste bud tempting photos on social media!

Basq Currambine – Summer 2015/16 Menu Campaign.

I have the unique perspective as a customer, food writer and ex-wife of a hospitality worker. I understand that restaurants and other businesses often run on tight margins and have little left for marketing. I offer affordable digital and social media marketing that gets your business noticed and ultimately “more bums on seats”.

Understanding how to use Facebook, Instagram and other social media is increasingly becoming the key to your success.



Digital Marketing Freelancer Perth – What I Can Do For You

Content Creation – Copywriting (as myself, or ghost writing as your company), writing articles and blogs for your website or publication, as well as social media posts. Each post’s content will be chosen to suit your business’s style, tone, objectives and the interests of your customer.

Social Media Monitoring – I will regularly monitor your social media platforms for activity. How you deal with any negative feedback is up to you. Simply ignore, delete or use it as an opportunity to showcase your excellent customer service skills.

Basic Graphic Design – I can create branded posts for public holidays, online competitions, events and more.

Website SEO  – I have SEO knowledge gained from my days working at a Digital Marketing Agency in Perth. I can write copy using search engine optimisation practices to make your website more Google friendly.

If you have any other social media needs I am happy to discuss them with you. Please note the above is subject to discussion as each individual business has different requirements.


Social Media Case Study – Flinderz Restaurant

I managed Flinderz Social Media between Nov 2014 and September 2015. The owner, Louise, had created an Instagram account and in its first four months of activity, it had gained just 8 followers. Having a new business, Louise simply didn’t have the time to develop an online social media presence.

I quickly implemented a strategy for FB and Instagram… posting my taste bud-tempting food photos regularly and using trending hashtags. This soon created a “buzz” around Flinderz which was still in its first year of operation. Initially just locals seemed to know about the café, hidden in the heart of Hillary’s. Through social media, word soon got out! Popular IG accounts “re-gramed” the food photos to their many thousands of followers, food bloggers visited and people came from far and wide to dine at Flinderz! Within a few months Flinderz had gained over 1000 IG followers and social media was a driving force of their business.

Flinderz Hillarys – Summer Menu 2014/15 Campaign

The Pricing

I have a very competitive hourly rate. I can work as many or as little hours as you require (minimum 2 hours per week).

For further details on my Copywriting and Digital Marketing Freelancer Perth services, please contact me at 

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