Our Fave Perth Pizza – Delisio & Little Caesars

Pizza is a beloved food of ours. So much so, that we have 2 favourite Pizza places in Perth. We’ve tried to choose an out and out winner – we really have… We’ve come to the conclusion that it would be like choosing a favourite child.  They are “Delisio” and “Little Caesars”. It would seem that I’m not the only person that thinks these pizza places are absolutely Delizioso. Both are run by celebrated pizza chefs who have won numerous State, National and International awards.


What’s your fave Perth pizza place? We want to try Crust next! Is there anywhere else we should try?

Little Caesar’s (Mundaring, Leederville and Hillarys Boat Harbour)

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Little Caesars, in comparison to Delisio, is a bit more of a “bells and whistles” kind of pizza place. I am often overwhelmed with the choice available! We probably visit Little Caesars more often, but that’s simply down to geography. We dine at the Hillary’s restaurant, since that’s near to where we live. Many a summers morning we’ve spent with little chef at the kiddies beach and then gone onto have a pizza or two for lunch. The Mundaring outlet is the original… and the tastiest in our opinion!


I have to admit I regularly go for my personal favourite – THE GREEK LAMB ($16.50sml/$22large). The toppings include Corrigin Free Range lamb, lashings of mozzarella, semi-caramelized onions, fetta, Kalamata olives, rosemary, tzatziki, parsley, oh and mustn’t forget the lemon wedge! The lamb is delicious – juicy and crispy all at the same time.


Chef loves the meat-fest that is THE MAX ($16.50/$22).  This is Little Caesars pizza with the lot. Sauce, mozzarella, shaved ham, mushroom, pepperoni, capsicum, sliced tomato, onion, bacon, pineapple pieces, Kalamata olives, parsley. He always gets the large, so he can take a few slices home for “breakfast”.

Pork Belly is one of our favourite foods, so we were looking forward to trying it the “The Ultimate”. We were a little disappointed though. The slow roasted pork belly was a little undercooked and the fat/rind was quite rubbery. The sauce – garlic, mozzarella, braised white wine onions and Dijon mustard whip was rich, but good. We really enjoyed the “Nathan & Nat” which was topped with; chicken, prosciutto, roasted red capsicum, mozzarella, pine nuts, roasted pumpkin, cream sauce & parsley. We’d have that again, for sure!


Last week we visited Little Caesars and FINALLY ticked something off our “to-eat” list. We had NEVER managed to get to dessert and had been dying to try a dessert pizza. So this time, we didn’t stuff ourselves silly – to save a little room for a dessert pizza. We had the “Eskimo Joe”, right on queue “Black Fingernails, Red wine” started to play on the stereo. It was fate. We loved the sweet pizza – malt choc chip cookie mix, icing sugar, raspberry sauce  with two generous scoops of vanilla ice cream.


Delisio (Subiaco and the ENEX100 Food court in the CBD)

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The pizzas at Delisio are very authentic. That’s why we love them, Simple toppings and great bases. We stumbled upon Delisio a few years ago, in a narrow little café, down a side street off Rockeby Road, Subiaco. Recently, we discovered its CBD outlet too, which is just as fantastic.


*Little Chef choosing his pizza – a hard task!*

My most favourite of Delisio’s pizzas is the MUSHROOM TRIO ($6 a slice). It’s topping consists of white wine and button mushrooms, along with marinated wild Italian mushrooms (of the chiodini and famigliole varieties), finished with lovely creamy ricotta and parsley. It is simply – TO DIE FOR. Chef likes anything with Meat on – the more meat the better! He really loves the salamis and cured meats they use. And that’s just the topping – the bases are AMAZING too!!! Unfortunately we have never visited Italy, but we imagine these pizzas are just like they make in Rome.


The mid-week queue at the ENEX100 outlet was huge! We were glad we went there a little before noon and just missed the rush from the CBD suits. They also have daily specials of Lasagnes, Pastas and other Italian treats. I was jealously staring at a big bowl of meatballs, on the table next to us. They looked super fresh. Delisio is absolutely worth a visit (or five). We love it. Actually, Chef confessed that this is his favourite Perth pizza place!!

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