Merry Christmas Everybody!!

What are you doing for Christmas?

Besides seeing the excitement of Little Chef’s face when he realises Santa has paid a visit, spending time with our families and dancing around to the Mariah Christmas album; for me Christmas is about the food! (of course!). We usually have the traditional roast; even though no-one is particularly bothered about turkey (and the fact that it’s 40 degrees outside). The last few years I have most definitely over indulged on Christmas Day. Having a 3 course lunch with my parents, then off to Chefs parents for a HUGE dinner-spectacular too!! Elasticated pants are a must! heheIMG_1021

(I do cook sometimes… my Prawn Salad entrée I made a couple of years ago)

So this year, we’ve decided to tone down lunch, in favour of something lighter and less time consuming to make. My mum and I also would rather be doing lots of other things; other than being stuck in the kitchen all day. My poor mum really hates cooking at the best of times, so it will be a nice change for her. So we’re opting for a champagne breakfast, with ham and chutney on toast. That’s a bit of tradition we started with our neighbours many years ago! Then that will be followed by seafood and salad for lunch. Maybe then I’ll be able to fit in dinner this year!

Christmas 2009 

Untitled1If you weren’t aware, my father in law and brother in law are also chefs, so I’m always in for a fantastic feast on Christmas Day. My father in law puts a tremendous amount of effort into Christmas Dinner each year, its always a real treat. The “Pastry Chef” (my lil brother in law) always creates a cracking dessert too. Untitled2

Untitled3Here are some pics of Christmas dinner at my inlaws from a few years ago – so you get the idea!!Untitled4 Its a few days in the making (as it’s all from scratch) and is absolutely delicious.

But don’t get too jealous! MY chef, doesn’t get to spend much family time at Christmas.  Christmas Day is probably the busiest day of the year for him at work. He really hates the festive season, poor thing! Maybe one of these days he’ll get a Christmas at home.

I hope you all have a fantastic festive season 🙂

EAT, DRINK & have a Merry Christmas xx

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