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I love Mexican food – a lot. It stems from when I was a kid. In my parents’ house (circa 1992) anything other than “meat, mash and 3 veg” was considered adventurous and exotic; so having Old El Paso tacos was a real treat.20131223_182836

I don’t always have the time to visit my fave Mexican restaurant – the excellent El Publico (Highgate). At least now I have a Mexican place close to home. The newly-opened takeaway/restaurant, Zambrero (sounds like Sombrero) is a casual Mexican “fresh Mex”, which specialises in Burritos, Quesadillas and Tacos. It’s a national chain and recently arrived in WA.Untitled8

I dropped by the Joondalup outlet, for a quick bite to eat, it has been open just a couple of weeks. I had two soft tacos ($5 each); Beef (slow-cooked marinated steak in a cumin & garlic rub) and a lamb filling (slow-cooked with oregano & sautéed onions), both with a little sour crème and guacamole, lettuce, cheese, tomato salsa and a squeeze of lime.20131223_183637

Don’t worry; whilst I certainly won’t be reviewing our local HJ’s or Red Rooster any time soon – I will say that this is a welcome addition to the Joondalup Take Away / Drive Thru strip. It’s fast, fresh and tasty. I enjoyed my tacos, but on reflection I think next time I’ll opt for a burrito – they were HUUGE!

Zambrero, is popping up all over Perth (also in the CBD, Leederville, Subi & Mount Lawley).

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