Happy New Year!!

Have any of you made new years resolutions? I have, of sorts…

I have a bit of a habit of ripping delicious looking recipes out of magazines and never-ever cooking them. I have hundreds, NO exaggeration. I have a few display folders of them, but since they filled up, I have a pile of loose recipes just floating around, making a mess and NOT being cooked.

When I was in KMart a few weeks ago I spied their lever arch files labelled “food”, so I grabbed one (only $5) to try to make myself more organised.


So I have now decided to;

a) organise my pile of recipes into the folder, by cuisine and

b) try one new recipe EVERY week

As a working mum with a super fussy four year old, this is going to be quite the challenge. Some nights that will mean cooking two different dishes, as Little Chef isn’t very adventurous. But at least it means I’ll add a few new family favourites to my cooking repertoire.

As with a lot of new years resolutions, they’re often a passing fad – lets see how long this lasts!! lol20131208_172942

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