Ranger Red’s Zoo, Pinjarra

IMG_7774As part of our weekend in Mandurah and the Peel region, Chef and I took Little Chef somewhere we knew that he would love – Ranger Red’s Zoo. It’s found on the banks of the Murray River near Pinjarra. The boutique zoo specialises in Australian native animals and some farm animals too.


On entry, we are given a bad of small pellets to feed some of the animals. One of the Zoo’s unique features are the ‘hands-on experience’ that is available to all guests. Children and adults can enjoy hand feeding animals, having a bird fly onto your shoulder, holding a slithery snake and more.


The grounds of the zoo are lush and shady, making it a lovely spot to stroll around. Ranger Red’s Zoo is home to over 100 species of birds and animals. We started off at the possum enclosures, they were all having an afternoon nap in their logs. We followed the map around, you can also scan the unique QR code on each of the Ranger Red’s Zoo enclosures. You do this with your smartphone that will provide you with the name of the animal, as well as a Fact Sheet about each of the animals.


We spotted some turkeys in the bushes roaming around. A sleepy Koala was munching away on some gum leaves in a tree. We then fed some friendly roos in the Kangaroo enclosure.


In the farm area you can walk around the animals which all seem very placid – though I am very suspicious of emus! I don’t trust them… haha We fed some friendly sheep.


In the “Hands on Experience” area there are also deers and alpacas.


The zoo, which doubles as a wildlife sanctuary has a Tasmanian Devil breeding programme, aimed to boost the endangered species future in the wild.


We entered the huge walk through aviary which was full of colourful native birds flying about freely.


We all loved this, particularly Little Chef. There’s grapes and other fruit at the door, to encourage the birds to land on your hand if you wish to get a bit closer to them.

IMG_7778 - Copy

They’ll land on your shoulder and head too if you stand still for long enough!


There was even a cheeky cockatoo guarding the exit gate – you had to watch your fingers with that one!


You’ll also find dingoes, wombats, reptiles, echidnas, spotted quolls, owls and more. On our way out Little Chef was lucky to hold a snake, which was wrapped around his neck like a scaly scarf, he has no fear.


Ranger Red’s Zoo has BBQ and picnic facilities. There’s a gift shop where you can buy animal themed toys, drinks and snacks. It’s compact, so easy to walk around for little ones and the pathways are stroller friendly.


Ranger Red’s Zoo also offers Zoo2U. A mobile Zoo experience that is ideal for schools, vacation care, parties, and other events. A unique gift for a mini animal lover is the “Junior Zookeeper 4 a Day” programme. It’s an unforgettable experience of a day in the life of a professional Zookeeper where kids will learn about feeding, animal handling and more.

We enjoyed our trip to Ranger Red’s Zoo and it’s a lovely place for animal lovers big and small. The location of the Peel region so close to Perth means that Anytime Adventures can really happen at anytime – Mandurah and Peel are so close!

Find out more about Ranger Red’s Zoo here.

Find Ranger Red’s Zoo at Sanctuary Drive, Pinjarra, WA 6208

Thanks to Mandurah & Peel Tourism Organisation (MAPTO) we were guests of Ranger Red’s Zoo. Nothing is exaggerated or embellished. All words and opinions are my own.

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