Treetops Adventure, Dwellingup

IMG_7654Now, maybe for the first time ever, I’m going to blog about something that doesn’t involve food. Well, there was a hot chocolate…Resized_20170514_101045.jpeg

As part of my collaboration with Buy West Eat Best for the WA Signature Dish Celebrity Cooking Competition, I’ve been exploring the “Anytime Adventures” that the Peel area has to offer. Peel isn’t just about the coast and Mandurah, it extends all the way east to Dwellingup, where Treetops Adventure, Dwellingup provides a tree top adventure obstacle courses at Lane Pool Reserve. Offering a variety of flying foxes and tricky challenges, the fun obstacle courses are suitable for the whole family!IMG_7616

When we arrived on a chilly morning I got to warm my hands on a complimentary hot chocolate (since it was Mothers Day!). There’s hot and cold drinks available from the kiosk as well as snacks.IMG_7659

Chef signed the forms and I was “photographer”, I’m not really much of an action woman! We arrived about thirty minutes prior to our allocated two hour session, to allow time for the boys got kitted out in their harnesses, gloves and helmets.IMG_7560

Next up was an introduction on how to use the equipment, including how to safely lock on and off the ropes with the clips. You’re always attached to the rope, which put my mind at rest that it was nice and safe for my boys!IMG_7561

Kids between four and seven years old are restricted to the low height yellow course, which is only a couple of metres off the ground.IMG_7662

Older kids and adults can challenge themselves at thrilling heights in the trees of up to twenty metres! Kids aged eight to twelve require supervision by a paying adult who is also on the course.IMG_7563

They begin at “Home Tree”, where they climb the tall ladders up to the first wooden platform. The boys started on a green course up in the pine and jarrah trees. Poor Little Chef, who had never done anything like this before, looked terrified! Once he’d plucked up the courage to swing along the flying fox, he was grinning from ear to ear!IMG_7652

As well as a few flying foxes on each rope course, there are various obstacles like suspended bridges, see saws, Tarzan ropes, climbing walls, swinging balls and cargo nets that test your balance and co-ordination. I had lots of fun watching the boys swinging, leaping, climbing and flying through the trees. For spectators there are pathways that follow the courses. IMG_7644

The courses are self-guided and self-paced, however there’s plenty of friendly and patient staff around to help and give direction if required. Little Chef ran into difficulty a couple of times when he got stuck halfway along the flying fox, but that was easily fixed with a push!IMG_7650

It was really rewarding to see Little Chef overcome his initial fear. Once he had that bit of belief in himself (and a taste of the fun!) he really grew in confidence as he challenged himself to even more difficult obstacles on the rope course.IMG_7595

He’s looking forward to returning already and is eyeing up the red course, which he’ll be able to do when he is 10.IMG_7603

For older kids there’s a red course and the more difficult black and extreme black. Chef gave the black course a go and I could tell it was a lot trickier for him!IMG_7617

Chef and Little Chef both loved their Treetops Adventure experience and they would both highly recommend it. It’s a fantastic physical activity in a safe environment. I’m even seriously considering ditching the camera and joining in next time! And I’m a total woos. It’s a whole heap of fun and I’m not missing out!IMG_7578


  • Kids (4-7yrs) $25
  • Kids/Teens (8-17yrs) $35
  • Concessions $40
  • Adult $45
  • Spectators are FREE.

More on Treetops Adventure here.

Find Treetops Adventure at Lane Poole Park, Nanga Road, Dwellingup, WA 6213.

Thanks to Mandurah & Peel Tourism Organisation (MAPTO) we were guests of Treetops Adventure. Nothing is exaggerated or embellished. All words and opinions are my own.IMG_7641

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