Brekkie at Flinderz & The Giants come to Perth!

What a wonderful morning Little Chef and I had today! We dropped Chef at work (when he was Head Chef at Flinderz​ in Hillarys), and thought we’d stop for breakfast, so I FINALLY got to eat the Quinoa granola &  banana panna cotta that I’ve been dreaming about for months! It was as scrumptious as it looks. Thanks Chef!IMG_8605

Then Little Chef and I headed into the city and waited (very patiently) for the giants to wake up – they were snoring very loudly! The Giants are in our beautiful city for the opening of the Perth International Arts Festival – it was truly a once in a lifetime event to watch them walk the streets of Perth.giants11

Some didgeridoo music started playing at 10am, getting louder and louder till the little girl giant and her uncle (the diver) started stirring and awoke to find hundreds of thousands of people staring at them in absolute awe! They had a move about – the girl dancing in the air to music and the diver having his helmet put on. Then they walked, with help from the dozens of men and their ropes, around Langley Park. It was absolutely magic.giants2

I had been in two minds about going, mostly worried about parking and the crowds, but it was an absolute breeze. I’m so glad we did it. The diver was immense an very impressive. Little Chef was so excited, something this five year old will remember for a long time. It felt like we were part of something very very special and Perth is so privileged to get a visit from these two. The parade ended with the giants leaving – getting on a boat down the Swan River and a big blast of tickertape into the perfect blue sky. It was absolutely mesmerising! Amongst the tickertape were postcards, which we caught few of and will be great keepsakes. They are actually postcards from School children to ANZAC soldiers that served in Gallipoli – some who made it and some that sadly did not. It was very touching.giants

The atmosphere was wonderful – everyone was so friendly and chatty. Well done Perth!

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