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I’d heard that it’s not uncommon to find queues outside Gusto Food on the weekend. The little Angelo Street café is very popular – I’ve been ooo-ing and arr-ing over instagram pics of their tasty wares for months. Finally, with Little Chef in tow, we made it to South Perth. I was on a mission to try their delicious looking homemade crumpets and I was prepared to queue for them! Luckily, there was a table free inside, so we sat down straight away and waited for Nays, one of my besties. There was no need to look at the menu – I knew exactly what I wanted!!IMG_8447

The girls behind the counter are friendly and the coffee at Gusto is hot and smooth, we were off to a good start! I really liked the artwork that was hanging around the café too.IMG_8449

Little Chef was eying up the sweet treats in the cabinet. He opted for the freshly baked red velvet cake and soon he was wolfing down a generous slice – along with his favourite drink – a baby chino.IMG_8435

Nays enjoyed the goats cheese scrambled eggs $20.50. The mountain of cheesy eggs is topped with a grilled tomato, quinoa crunch  and sat on a couple of slices of fresh chiabatta. There is a basil and pinenut pesto on the side.IMG_8439

Now for the house made crumpets – served with a little jar full of poached pears and berries, a peanut gravel and what I would like to call a “smoosh” of yogurt around the plate.  Chef is shacking his head at me – it’s a “smear”. Whatever the term – the dish is absolutely sensational and great value at $16.50. The crumpets weren’t exactly as I’d imagined (I’ve only ever had the golden crumpets before!), they weren’t full of holes but they were fluffy, delicious and much better than store-bought crumpets. The peanut gravel was really tasty and it is up there with my all time favourite brunch dishes.IMG_8445

Was it as good as I had imagined? Well, when I build something up in my head, sometimes it’s an impossible standard to live up to. These crumpets were just as scrumptious as they’d looked on social media – in fact, EVEN BETTER! Something else I’d spied on social media was Gusto’s homemade doughnuts. They looked fresh and fluffy – and massive! I just HAD to buy one for LC and I to share later on. They were delish – give me one of those over Krispy Kreme any day of the week!IMG_8451

Gusto Food is a fairly unassuming looking café from the outside, but there’s something special things going on in their kitchen! The breakfast menu is available till 11.30am. A little gem which is definitely worth a visit.IMG_8455

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