International Cuisine Dinner Party – USA

Mr & Mrs H hosted an American night recently – as part of the “International Cuisine Dinner Parties” we have amongst our friends. For party number three, their house was decked out from top to bottom with the star spangled banner and we even found ourselves wiping our mouths on one hundred dollar bills! Their attention to detail was fab. Again, the bar has been raised!!

IMG_0635We started the night with some delish Washington Apple cocktails. They were followed by creamy seafood chowder.

IMG_0634The lovely hostess, Mrs H had done a great job of compiling an American soundtrack with some rockin tunes. We all put in a good effort with the dressing up too. There were Baseballers, a very convincing and glam Audrey Hepburn, top gun, a cowgirl, an Indian, Rocky, a Prom Queen (moi!) and a redneck to name just a few.

IMG_0678The Prom Queen and Audrey Hepburn enjoy some Bloody Mary Oyster Shots!Untitledpp And Mrs H recons she can’t cook!! These mini meatloaves were my fave 🙂

IMG_0691Collectively, we put on a great spread of Yankee style food **pat on the back for everyone**

UntitledllThere were Hawaiian chicken sliders, delicious mini meatloaves, spicy pulled pork and slaw, mini chilli dawgs with squeezy cheese and deep fried chicken on waffles with gravy and maple sauce. Yep – you heard right – that was all together! Rocky and the Indian did a very, very good job cooking that dish! Yummy!


For dessert we had some scrumptious home-made apple pie, by the mullet wearing redneck and pecan pie too.IMG_0702

Some s’mores finished out the night. There are a few versions of this American comfort food that started as a camp fire treat. It’s basically a giant marshmallow between two chocolate coated biscuits (which is then microwaved). I was impressed! We barley had room, but it just wouldn’t be an American night if we didn’t eat our own weight in food!! Or try a bit of deep fried, chocolate covered bacon (which was strangely more-ish). 20140308_232930It was a brilliant night and it will be hard to top!! Thanks Mr and Mrs H xxxUntitledb

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