REVISIT – Cafe Elixir

I think Café Elixir is the PERFECT spot for a casual catch up with friends in Wanneroo. Considering that the City of Wanneroo is a large region, there is really just a handful of café and dining venues worth visiting in this area, which is a shame.20140111_104638

Elixir is great for lunch or a nice cruise-y brunch. Their cooked brekkies are almost legendary in the area. On this visit we opted for something lighter – still feeling guilty after all the Christmas face-stuffing.

I had lovey fresh muesli ($13). It was packed with dried fruit and topped with yogurt, honey and a mixed berry compote.20140111_104453

Mrs S and Little Chef both had a super fresh and fluffy croissant with ham and cheese ($8)20140111_104300

Elixir has a busy, friendly atmosphere. The 5 senses coffee is top notch. The staff are welcoming and always greet Little Chef with a colouring book and crayons, which keeps him entertained. That was lucky as Mrs S and I were nattering on for such a long time we ended up there for hours and not even noticing the time!! We love Elixir, and I’ll be back, again and again.Untitled

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