Onyesha Day Spa – Nr Joondalup {CLOSED}

Just 10 minutes from Joondalup, the Onyesha Spa is a tranquil haven in the midst of suburbia. Recently, I’d gone to Onyesha to purchase a gift voucher for the lovely Mrs G’s birthday. I drove through the gates and up the sun-dappled drive. This little oasis must have been here a long time, as the trees are huge and well established. You feel as though you’re in a lush forest. Immediately I felt at ease, like I’d left my worries at the gate.Untitledosp

Walking into reception, I felt even more relaxed. There was a smell of incense in the air and everything was very hushed. I was feeling very jealous of what Mrs G had in store for her! I’m very lucky that she’s such a great friend – when she was going to book herself in, she asked if anyone would like to join her, so myself and new-mummy Mrs C jumped at the chance of a girly morning of relaxation!20131212_101823

20131212_102001When we arrived, the three of us were greeted and then lead down a shady, lush pathway to our treatment area on the beautiful Pinelake. Onyesha have a very wide-range of treatments that will relax you or even make you look a bit younger! On the menu; Facials, Saunas, Body Wraps, Reflexology, Shirodhara, Hot stone massage, Pregnancy massage and so much more. That’s my kind of menu!!…20131212_135548

This day, we were having the “Festive Treat”. This was a choice of a few different treatments; facial, massage, foot treatments… We opted for the;

  • Full Body Massage
  • Bodybliss Back, Neck & shoulder Treatment using aromatic and exfoliating Dead Sea Mineral Salts and relaxing and hydrating Australian Wildflower essences

We were in the little hut, overlooking the lake. The ladies that treated us were lovely; very friendly and professional. I was so relaxed that I did zone out for a while during my massage. That’s quite a feat for someone that has about 6 different things on her mind at once! I concentrated on breathing, cleared my mind and focused on the calming sounds around the lake. The occasional call from a duck, frog or bird was all I heard. Actually at one point there was a funny duck noise that was sounding a little like “mum” and I almost said out loud “oh shoosh, Mummy’s trying to relax!” – it sounded just like my son calling me! Afterwards we were told that a mother duck and her ducklings actually were walking around on the decking around our massage beds – but we were all completely oblivious!IMG_20131207_121649

After our treatments, we felt very calm and I most certainly had a feeling of “Zen”. My skin was absolutely gorgeous from the exfoliation – a week later it is still looking much better than usual. We were encouraged to drink lots of water, as that will also encourage a bit of a body detox too.IMG_0086

We sat on the patio and had a pot of herbal tea each and some sweet treats. We must have been sat there for an hour or so, just chatting and enjoying the magnificent gardens. We didn’t want to leave!IMG_0079

Clearly, this isn’t one of my regular blog posts about food – thought there is herbal tea and dates and cake involved! hehe I do feel very compelled to write a post about Onyesha Spa; I am as passionate about treating yourself and taking time-out from our hectic everyday lives, as I am about food. I’m as guilty of being a slave to smart phones and the online media more than most. So to have the opportunity to turn my phone off for a few hours was positively refreshing. Though, admittedly, I did take a sneaky instagram pic of a teapot!

Also, I find that this is quite an undiscovered little treasure. I’d been living just 5 minutes drive from Onyesha for years and never knew it was there till recently.

Onyesha, whether you are treating yourself or giving a gift voucher for a Christmas/Birthday present, it’s a wonderful experience. And if you do gift it to someone else – maybe you’ll get lucky and they’ll ask you along 🙂 IMG_0075

More info at www.onyesha.com or find them on Facebook “Onyesha Spa Pinelake”

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