Unyoked Tiny Cabin, Margaret River

The popularity of tiny cabin stays is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, slowing down is half the point of booking a tiny stay. Western Australia is now home to Unyoked, the eco-friendly and simple tiny cabins, that are found worldwide. Adventure seekers, Eco-warriors and people seeking a digital detox will all appreciate this spot. I well and truly fall into the last category.

It’s almost impossible to get by in 2023 without having a smartphone in your pocket beeping away for its attention. As well as having an online presence through my food and travel blog, my day job in Digital Marketing Management are just why I found an Unyoked experience so appealing. I was able to unplug my laptop, put my phone on silent and be present.

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An Adventure at Unyoked Awaits

And what exactly is Unyoked? The global nature brand connects people with the great outdoors through 75 cabins found in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. There are three cabins at this secret southwest WA location, all well-spaced out from each other and surrounded by dense bushland. We took a 3-and-a-half-hour drive from Perth, to see what all the buzz is about.

I’m not going to say what’s close by. Unyoked’s hush hush location adds to its wilderness, adventure feel. Let’s just say, somewhere between Margaret River and Augusta, the Unyoked cabins are hiding in the bushland. Our cabin “Anja” is found down a steep gravel track, where Mr H & I left the car and unpacked our essentials into wheelbarrows. Setting off on our adventure through the native bush, to find the two-person cabin. Our walk was about 175m, if you want even more adventure, some cabins are located 700m from the car.

What You’ll Find at Unyoked

I’ve stayed at tiny cabins in Western Australia’s Southern Forests, the fields of Toodyay outside of Perth, and now the Margaret River region’s wilderness. All properties had vastly different approaches and features. An Unyoked stay is by far the most basic, but that’s not to say that you’ll be slumming it.

There’s a little gas stove at the tiny, and enough utensils to throw together something simple, breakfast, lunch or dinner. Essentials like tea, coffee, salt, pepper and EVOO are provided.

Even one of the cupboard doors converts to a table. I love those little space-saving features that make tiny house living so innovative and practical.

The linens and bedding are good quality. The shower gels and other toiletries smell ah-mazing, especially when you pair them with an ocean view shower.

In the bar fridge, you’ll find local beers, “mini goons” of wine and pre-made negroni cocktails (for an additional charge). You’ll just need to drink them out of a mug. But that’s ok, we’re not posh.

The eco-friendly element comes in the form of a no-flush composting eco loo and solar-powered electricity. It’s essential to be mindful about water and energy usage here.

The bed is firm but comfortable. There are plenty of rugs for those southwest winter nights.

What we did struggle with was the heat. On a warm mid-January night, with not a wisp of a sea breeze, the small fan in this tiny house struggled. I’d recommend that you stay outside of summer if you like to sleep in air-conditioned comfort.

What to do at Unyoked Margaret River

An Unyoked cabin is basic in terms of entertainment. Don’t come here and expect to find lots to do, or a huge bubble bath. If you do, you’re completely missing the point. Outside there’s logs to sit on around the firepit (not in summer).

And a deck with chairs and a table to kick back and relax on too. We didn’t make use of this, with the weather being so hot, the black deck was a real heat catcher. An awning would be a handy addition. The deck would be perfect on a sunny spring morning.

You’ll be challenged to sit in your own space and thoughts. To make conversation, to dig a little deeper. To linger longer over a sunset, take deep breaths of coastal air and to lose time searching the milky way for a shooting star. We did just that, which ticked the Unyoked to-do box of “inspiring feelings of awe and perspective”. My first shooting star! I only wish my camera was good enough to capture the immense milky way we could see from Anja. That really was extra special.

I enjoyed putting my phone down so much, I didn’t even take as many pics as I usually would (whoops). A digital detox goes so far at Unyoked that the only source of music is a cassette player! I’d not hit the play button on one of these babies for about 25 years, so it was a big hit of nostalgia for me. The Beach Boys went down a treat.

There’s a deck of Uno cards, playing cards and a few books too. It’s the perfect spot to make a brew, and relax on the bed with a classic like Orwell’s “1984” (how apt!).

Things to do Near Unyoked Margaret River

In keeping with the Unyoked nature experience, I didn’t do my usual winery restaurant hopping. Instead, Mr H and I beach-hopped. It was one of the best holidays I’ve had ever.

From Hamelin Bay in the south to Redgate Beach, Gnarabup Beach and Margaret River’s Rivermouth.

We spent sunny summer days chatting on the sand, swimming in the crystal-clear water and getting super salty.

Ok, I couldn’t get through a weekend away without a little foodie action. I introduced Mr H to one of my all-time favourite brunch spots, Gnarabup’s White Elephant Café. We loved the food, coffee and ocean view so much, we visited twice.

Brewhaus Margaret River was a winner for food, drinks and good vibes. We even checked out new West Winds Distillery on the drive down for a cheeky platter and G+T.

All in all, our stay at Unyoked was a memorable one. I’d recommend not staying in the height of summer, then you can take full advantage of a cosy fire pit (we visited during a fire ban) and enjoy getting toasty in the tiny cabin. 

After two nights at Anja, and spending rare time in nature, I felt relaxed and thoroughly unwound. An Unyoked cabin is curated so that you can be fully immersed in nature and able to authentically connect with the outdoors. The secluded Unyoked experience is a must for anyone that craves a tranquil cabin retreat with no frills to distract you.

Find out more about the Unyoked Margaret River cabins here.

I stayed as an invited guest of Unyoked Tiny Cabin Margaret River. All words and opinions are my own.

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