8 Yolks, Belmont

After the success of the 8 Yolks café in the southern suburb of erm… Success, a new 8 Yolks has opened in Belmont. The brunch/lunch spot is a great addition to the Belmont Hub. Here you’ll find the lovely Ruth Faulkner Library, as well as the “Volcano” park, just a short stroll away. 

The light and open café is popular for brunch, as well as having plenty of lunch options, like burgers on the menu. I’ve been a few times, it’s handy for a business meeting, a catch up with friends in the cosy booths or a post-playground refuel with kids.

The 8 Yolks baristas make a good coffee. It’s always a flat white in a big mug for me. On this occasion, I was meeting with the lovely Alice – aka Alice McDonald – Separation and Divorce Coach. In a happy coincidence I spotted her on Instagram and what she posts really resonated with me. I was going through my divorce , a break up and the aftermath of that last year. We caught up in “real life” over a coffee and she had many pearls of wisdom. It’s so lovely to connect with like minded people, particularly those who work from home – it can be lonely.

8 Yolks – The food

The menu offers up all the usual brunch suspects. Staples like eggs benny, smashed avo and big breakfasts are joined by a few interesting dishes, so you’re sure to find something delicious. I enjoyed the smoky BBQ pulled beef Benedict ($21). The tender Angus beef brisket is slow cooked for 14 hours. The tasty meat is topped with perfectly runny poached eggs and buttery hollandaise sauce – homemade of course. Great for mopping up with bread!

Alice ate a tasty looking dish – the smoked salmon croquettes ($23) served with wilted spinach, smoked salmon, poached egg, topped with hollandaise sauce, tobiko (flying fish roe) and crispy capers.

All in all, I relished the quiet and relaxed atmosphere, as well as the yummy food at 8 Yolks. It’s so nice to dine at a café and be able to hear yourself think!

Find 8 Yolks Belmont at the corner of Wright St & Progress Way, Cloverdale
(at the Belmont Hub, opposite Belmont Forum)

More details on 8 Yolks Café here.

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