Cooking with Australian Truffle Traders

It’s truffle season! Like so many things in 2020, Corona tried to spoil the party – the annual Truffle Kerfuffle festival has been cancelled. Now there’s an excess of truffles, that would otherwise be heading for restaurants and foodie events. But with every cloud there is a silver lining…  now thanks to Australian Truffle Traders we can enjoy these delicious morsels at home!

Home cooking enthusiasts will find that ordering online direct with Australian Truffle Traders is so simple. The small family business has a truffle farm in Manjimup, with their truffle dogs sniffing out the black gold from the ground around oak and hazelnut trees. My own dog Ruby was fascinated by the smell!

Once the precious truffles are unearthed, it only takes 24-48hrs for it to be shipped to your door!

Cooking with Truffles

Using truffle is relatively easy. Here’s a few tips…

  • All the equipment you’ll need is a fine grater or mandolin/truffle slicer.
  • Truffle marries well with creamy things – butter, soft cheese, cream – even eggs.
  • Truffles don’t like heat much, it’s best to cook with a gentle heat or add them at the end.
  • Left over truffle? Infuse it in a bottle of olive oil, to add to cooking for months to come!

I couldn’t wait to get cooking with this Southern Forrests’ delicacy. I’d tried truffle many times in restaurants, but never at home. I made an easy creamy truffle sauce. First I threw two crushed cloves of garlic and a little butter into a pan, along with sliced mushrooms. Once these had browned a little, I added a half cup of beef stock, then finished with cream and the finely grated truffle. This lush sauce coated pappardelle pasta (I get mine from the Gluten-Free Lab). I garnished it with a few sprigs of parsley and thin shavings of truffle. So tasty!

The unique, earthy flavours from West Aussie truffles are a must to cook with this winter! Be sure to try them and find out more at

If you’re in the Southern Forrest region of WA, be sure to book a truffle hunt with Australian Truffle Traders’ clever truffle dogs. The season runs late May to early September.

Image : Australian Truffle Traders

Read more about previous Truffle Kerfuffle festivals here. Hopefully it will be back in 2021!

I’ve devoured tasty truffle dishes at many a WA restaurant, but my first time cooking with a truffle was a big hit! It’s so easy to order, then the truffle is unearthed and delivered to your door in less than 48hrs. Be sure to indulge this winter and enjoy a little bit of luxury at home with Australian Truffle Traders.

I was gifted a truffle by Australian Truffle Traders – all words and opinions are my own.

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