Smashburger BBQ Pop Up

Smashburger BBQ

Smashburger BBQ is coming to a Perth bowling club near you! I’d been following the Smashburger Instagram account and when the pop up burger event came up to the northern suburbs, we decided to stop double tapping on those photos and get our chops around some of the epic-looking burgers and Texas style BBQ meats.

Smashburger is a colab between Tristan “Fireworks and Smoke” Chambers and BBQ pop up Big Don’s Meats. These guys are serious about authentic BBQ. When we rocked up, there were drool-worth aromas wafting from the old Louisiana smoker “Rusty”, who was getting a good workout.

Smashburger BBQ

Be prepared to wait. The guys make it worth your while, with a few samples to taste test, while you’re in the queue. We’re super organised and got there 10 mins before service. So I nabbed a table while Chef stood eagerly in line. From the time orders opened, to when our food landed on the tray, was about 25 mins. The line was MASSIVE when we left. At a guess there were over 80 people in line. That’s dedication!

The Food

So, what is a smashburger? The burger patties are “smashed” using a tool, whilst they’re being cooked on a flattop grill, at a high heat. This technique sears the burger to give a smoky flavour, with moreish crispy, charred edges. Chef loved his juicy double burger, served with cheese, onion two ways and pickles, all on a toasted bun. Simple and so good. The Wanneroo Sports Club had their bar open, and he washed it down with a beer or two.

Smashburger BBQ

I shared two types of ribs with Little Chef. The pork ribs were bone-nibblingly good. My hands-down favourite has to be the HUGE beef short rib. It was all of my meaty dreams come true – charred, juicy and delicious AF. I was close to slipping into a meat coma.

Smashburger BBQ

The menu is limited, which is fine by us. There’s a few burgers, pork and beef ribs and brisket to choose from, as well as beer battered chips (and loaded fries). Personally, I’d have liked a little slaw with my ribs, mainly so I wasn’t JUST eating meat! Unfortunately, the chips aren’t gluten free, but good news – all the BBQ meat is.

Opened at 11.30am, Smashburger truly smashed it and though were planning to be open until 5pm, were sold out by about 3pm. Get there early! Smashburger BBQ has well and truly gained a cult-like following and if that’s a cult – we’d happily sign up for more burgs, brisket and ribs!

Follow Smashburger on Facebook to find out where the next pop up will be. We sure hope they’ll head back to Wanneroo!

Or get event info here

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