Fun, Food and Flying Pigs at the 2017 IGA Perth Royal Show

It’s showtime! The IGA Perth Royal Show is on NOW till Saturday the 30th of September.


Growing up, the Perth Royal Show was a firm favourite of mine. I have fond childhood memories of Bertie Beatle showbags and cuddly animals, as well as stomach churning rides when Chef and I were dating in our early 20s.


This year it was Little Chef’s very first time experiencing all the fun of the show and he’d given us very strict instructions on what show bags he’d like and just what he wanted to see and do.


Not surprisingly, other than the rides and side show alley, he was most excited about seeing all the animals. Little Chef cuddled chicks, guinea pigs and patted some piglets too.


Just outside, you’ll find the “Racing and Flying Pigs Show”. This goes for about 15 minutes and we loved seeing those porkers fly!

We really enjoyed “Walk Through WA”, here all regions of WA are featured. Little Chef loved the farming virtual reality, seeing cute baby camels and also prospecting for gold, where he found a gold coin to keep.


Before we knew it, it was lunchtime! We headed to the huge Taste WA tent, which was a perfect place to discover some delicious Royal Show award winning West Aussie produce to eat – from Perth’s best sausage to gold medal pies and bread.


There’s loads of seating, making it a good stop in the changeable weather.


Little Chef tucked into crumbed Pilbara Spanish Mackerel. The hand cup chips are from the south west – even the salt is from WA!


I had some saucy Linley Valley pork ribs and chips.


While we were chowing down on all that, we watched a cooking demo by West Australian Food Ambassador, Chef Don Hancey.


There’s a bar and cider truck from my favourites Core Cider House too!


There’s loads of other food options all around the show. From the run of the mill hamburgers and hotdogs, to something a bit wild and wacky – deep fried Oreos anyone?!


OMG… I sniffed out these giant turkey legs and lamb shanks, which looked A-frikkin-mazing! Too bad we’d just had our lunch.


These meaty morsels are found at that little food vendor with the yellow roof that’s between the top of the oval and the Ferris wheel. I remember it from when I was a kid, so it’s been there quite some time! A trip here is definitely on my list for next year!


As well the thrill rides, that make me feel queasy just looking at them, there are loads of kiddie rides too. Little Chef couldn’t get enough of the carousels, bumper cars, and a whole load of spinning, looping, whirling rides. I found most of the rides cost between $6 and $10, with discounts if you buy bulk tickets.


He was stoked to win a few prizes down Sideshow alley too!


And as if we hadn’t seen enough flying animals for one day, we stopped to see the diving dogs and the dog-Olympics. Inside the dog pavilion, we saw some beautiful and huge beasts, including a gorgeous St Bernard. We spent a lot of time in there, we’re definitely dog people!


We’d spent about 6 hours at the Royal Show and there was so much that we didn’t do or have a chance to see – the cookery exhibits amongst other things. If we’d stayed till dark we could have enjoyed the dance of the drones show, as well as the fireworks too. There’s definitely something for everyone at the show.


We arrived via the train, (we parked at Chef’s work in Subi) so getting there was super easy. We thoroughly enjoyed our day, made lots of wonderful memories and Little Chef already has plans on what he wants to see next year!

Find out more on the Perth Royal Show website.

Big thanks to the Royal Agricultural Society of WA for our tickets for the Royal Show (we paid for all our rides, games and showbags ourselves).  

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