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Imagine if you could enjoy the food from your favourite restaurant in the comfort of your own home…

Recently, I was stoked to be contacted by Chef Josh Prosser, from the restaurant Suburban Table in Mosman Park. Suburban Table is a little bit special for a number of reasons. The term “hidden gem” is so cliché and it gets overused, but in this case it is 100% true. The food is totally rave-worthy. Josh’s menu is a mix of classic dishes, with a big measure of Asian influenced dishes too.  His partner Kelly runs the front of house, she is very welcoming and with her warm personality and Josh’s top notch food, it’s easy to see why they have so many regular diners. Also, Suburban Table is a little special to me as it was my very first restaurant review for the Post newspaper a couple of years ago!IMG_0902

Chef Josh invited me to try his new range of frozen meals and I jumped at the chance. At our house, to get out of cooking for a week is our idea of heaven! People who aren’t involved in the hospitality industry often have quite a romantic notion about Chefs. They think they are passionate creatives who are always cooking delicious food – even at home. Whilst I’m sure this is true for some chefs in their down time, the majority will head to the nearest Maccas drive through and grab a burger after a 12 hour shift in a hot kitchen. After a busy service, all they want is something quick, easy and filling.

IMG_0901I popped along to their Glyde Street kitchen to pick up my gifted frozen meals. There were so many tasty meals to try – what a feast we were to have! Kelly even packed some gingerbread ice-cream into the box of goodies – yum! Luckily, I had cleared some space in my freezer at home.

Oh and just to prove my previous point – this was sitting on my kitchen bench when I arrived home #cheflife hahaIMG_0913

That night, Chef happened to be working till 8pm, so it was the perfect opportunity to try a couple of meals. Unsurprisingly, I made a bee-line for the Thai Pork Belly Curry. As well as tasty shredded belly, the mildly spicy curry was brimming with green beans and sweet potato too (I love my veggies!). It was a very tasty dish to start off with.IMG_0917

I also had steamed rice with my pork belly curry. Josh included a nifty little serve of rice, wrapped in a banana leaf. A couple of minutes in the microwave and TAH-DAH – perfectly cooked rice!IMG_0925

Later that night, Chef gave me a call when he was leaving work and I popped the Baldivis Rabbit Pie into the oven. By the time he got home it was ready and piping hot.IMG_0939

One night we cooked up a couple of the Thai style curries and shared them. We had Beef Massaman Curry and Thai Red Chicken Curry. It was like having Thai take away, but way tastier!

Each meal is approximately one serving. I shared a few of them with Little Chef, so I bulked those out with a side serve of veggies and some Suburban Table frozen creamy garlic mash potato. On another frozen meal night we had the Beef Burnginon – it is packed full of rich meaty chunks, that melt in my mouth. Practically licking the bowl  Little Chef said “Your cooking has got better Mummy”. Sheepishly I had to admit that it wasn’t me who made it – I had a lot of help!IMG_1140

Chef was having a very busy couple of weeks at work – working 12 hour shifts and not getting home till after 8pm most nights. He loved having something delicious to look forward to after a long day in the kitchen – it was a break from my usual spag bol! He loved the Yellow Goat Curry. His favourite out of all the dishes he tried was the Baldivis Rabbit Pie.

For me, its very difficult to chose a meal I enjoyed the most. With every meal I tried, I found a new favourite! I particularly savoured the Coq au vin, made with traditional speck bacon, mushrooms, shallots and thyme. I also loved the Red Emperor Fish Pie. It was full of fish chunks and mushrooms and topped with a deliciously crisp pastry crust. Little Chef tried a little bit – then wanted the whole lot!IMG_0935

Each meal has been carefully prepared and has such a wonderful depth of flavour. They are perfect to have in the freezer as backup for those busy, unorganized weeknights or when you’re feeling a bit under the weather. They’re also great if you just want a break from the kitchen and don’t have the inclination to cook.

A big thank you to Josh and Kelly for the five star frozen meals!! The meals are available from $15 and of the very highest quality. For more details check out the Suburban Table website . Also, find them over on Facebook.IMG_0907

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