“Quick Bite” Lot 20 – Northbridge


I’m becoming more and more time-poor lately – I just realised I STILL haven’t blogged about places I visited last year! Oh dear…

As my Perth Food Blog has grown, it seems that my posts are getting smaller. In the last few months I’ve also been developing a social media management sideline (email me for details!) and other new bits and bobs coming soon – as well as having a day job, family and life! I love my blog and it really is my “other child” – I still want to bring as many of my musings as possible to you. So rather than waiting until I have time to dedicate to writing a massive post and letting my pictures gather dust – I will instead “strike while the iron is hot” and create a few shorter-style recommendations – before it becomes old news. These “quick bites” will be easier to digest!

For those not in the know, Yelp is a review website in the same vein as Urbanspoon and Tripadvisor. It’s not exclusively for restaurant reviews, you can also review retail outlets and services. I find Yelp a little more positive than the others and I think that has a lot to do with the fact the users are more accountable. You must use your own name and have a profile pic of your face. Yelp also runs regular events for like minded people and it feels like a little community. In December I attended a Yelp Elite Event at Lot 20 – a small bar with cool drinks, tasty morsels and freshly shucked OYSTERS! Yum…IMG_7989

Lot Twenty on Urbanspoon

Lot 20 is from the guys behind Five Bar and 399. “The Singer” and I moseyed along mainly to see one of our favourites – Jerry Fraser – Oyster shucker extraordinaire. He has made the move from the Publican Group and is no longer found at the Print Hall bar. He now divides his time between Lot 20 and Five Bar (Beaufort Street, Highgate).IMG_7986

As always, it was fabulous to chat with him and his oysters were spot on!IMG_7987

The small bar is in a beautifully renovated old building right next to Perth Cultural Centre and as a result seems to have a real mix of people, students, hipsters, office workers. It has a cool vibe, excellent casual cocktails (loved my old school pina colada!) and a large outdoor sitting area.IMG_7982

We tucked into some deliciously sticky ribs with fries on the side. The seasonal menu looks great and I left thinking that I must come back for a proper meal soon – so watch this space!IMG_7985IMG_7991


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