Health Freak Café – Joondalup {CLOSED}

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I get food guilt ALL THE TIME. Though I try to eat healthily as much as possible, the glutton within usually wins out. I mean, in my mind, no one wants to read about a salad. What really gets me dribbling is a succulent piece of pork belly topped with crispy cracking… This is my problem! Tasty food is usually not that great for the waistline. After all, as the Chef’s saying goes “fat is flavour”. Though it would seem this is not a rule – as I found out at the newly opened Health Freak Café in Joondalup.IMG_8408 A whole page of their menu is dedicated to juices and drinks. Protein shakes, weight loss juices, detox juices, super food smoothies and many more. I chose the “Heart Beet”, a concoction of carrot, orange, beetroot & lemon juice ($8). It came hipster-style in a jar and was really tasty and with no lumpy bits. Little Chef enjoyed a strawberry smoothie.IMG_8418 I’d just missed the brunch cut off, which was a shame, as I had a hankering for some poached eggs. There was a similar dish on the lunch menu – the Zucchini Fritters Stack ($21.10). Other dishes on the lunch menu include veggie cakes, chicken salad, wraps and raw treats too. Its a pretty dish, layered with fresh smoked salmon. The crisp fritters were full of shredded veg – tasty, but needed a little more seasoning. That all sat upon a mound of rocket and roasted cherry tomatoes – finished with a generous serve of lemon dill aoli. All in all a good lunch and only 206 calories – each menu item lists the calorie count.IMG_8427 The light and airy café has a cool rustic fit out. It’s also great to see more and more places dining options opening in Joondalup.IMG_8415 Health Freak Café are taking over the northern suburbs! You can also find them in Subi and Scarborough. At Health Freak, you can be sure every choice is a healthy one and pretty much guilt free!IMG_8431 Health Freak Cafe on Urbanspoon Health Freak Cafe on Urbanspoon Health Freak Bakehouse on Urbanspoon

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