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It’s not very often I escape the confines of my busy workplace – an office in the middle of an industrial estate. It is a foodie’s worst nightmare! One lunchtime recently I was craving some tasty, healthy food – something the greasy lunch bar on the corner has no concept of. So I drove five minutes down the road and came across Sapore, which opened this year. It’s just outside Belmont Forum shopping centre.New Image

The hip espresso bar has the kind of vibe that a café in Leederville or Mount Lawley would have. I love the vintage / rustic look. There’s not really anything else like it in the area – Belmont really needed a quality coffee hangout like this.

I popped in for a take away lunch and latte. I instantly wished I had more time on my hands to stay awhile and look over the menu. Sapore has excellent coffee – Fiori from the Swan Valley. The fridge cabinet brimming with fresh, home-style food.7

The arancini rice ball is cheesy and delicious, with a crispy outer shell of deep fried breadcrumbs. The salad – beans, fetta, olive and roasted pumpkin fits my “healthy” needs perfectly. I got change out of a $10 note too, which was a plus!3

Sapore is a very welcome addition to Belmont, if I lived in the area it would be a fab local. The staff are really friendly too.  I’m looking forward to a return visit so I can really check out the lunch menu. I hear they also do a good breakfast.

Savour, flavour, taste… That is the translation of the Italian word “Sapore”. And what a tasty little Espresso Bar it is!9

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  1. I live in the area and I drive past this place almost every day, yet I’ve never gone in. It’s nice to hear a good review of it. I’ll have to check it out soon! 🙂

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