Mexican Night – International Cuisine Dinner Party #2

IMG_0215It was a Mexican fiesta for the 2nd international cuisine night. Our friends get together every 6 weeks or so and bring a dish depending on what the country theme is that night. The hostess and host did a fantastic job decorating their patio and even some of the guests dressed up Mexican style!IMG_0214

To start was a tasty, fresh guacamole and some Tequila Sunrises and Margaritas.Untitled1

Main was a fab spread, cooked by us all; Chilli Con Carne, Mexican Meatballs, Meaty Nachos, salsa and fajitasUntitled2.

Dessert was a couple of days in the making. It was a random idea of Chef’s to create a Mexican Desert Dessert!! IMG_0223

The sand was white chocolate crumb, the “rocks” were passion fruit & tequila jelly and flourless orange cake, the “tumble weed” garnish was made of caramelised sugar and of course there were some snakes too! It was plated up with a mango coulis. The centrepiece was a cactus (non edible!) and chef had a few prickly moments with that! It’s not often he wears gardening gloves in the kitchen. Inside the top lid of the cactus was a tequila jelly shot. It was a bit different and everyone thought it was really tasty.IMG_0228  

The end of the fabulous night was enjoyed with more cocktails (Mojitos) and also a piñata – which despite the late hour; Little Chef put a lot of effort into smashing!! IMG_0237

It was great fun and we’re already looking forward to IC #3!! (Cuisine of the USA).

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