Galaxy Drive-in Movie Theater

IMG_20140109_192723We went to the drive-in last week. I have very vague memories of going about 25 years ago, when I was a child. To be honest, I didn’t realize there was still a drive-in movie theater in Perth! Galaxy in Kingsley is the only remaining drive-in in the metro area. It  is only 10 mins from our house and I didn’t even know it was there! It was a totally retro experience. It looked as though nothing much would have changed there in 50 years.

You pay at the window (cash only), then find a spot in front of the giant screen – driving up the hump (so your car is tilting up to the screen). We reversed up the hump and the three of us sat in the boot of our 4WD with bean bags and blankets. It was very cosy! Some people take chairs and sit next to their car too. We were all very excited, it was a bit of a change from the regular cinema. We were seeing Disney’s Frozen – which we all really enjoyed (the little snowman was so funny!). I really enjoyed this as we don’t get down to the Kings Park/Burswood outdoor cinemas as much as we’d like.

At Galaxy there is a small café onsite which sells popcorn, lollies, drinks, chips, pizza etc. You need a radio for the movie’s audio.  The easiest thing is to use your car radio; but bring a portable radio if your car is prone to getting flat batteries! I’d also suggest to get there early on a weekend. We actually attempted this trip the week before, but the cinema was full before we reached the entrance, so we missed out. Luckily, Little Chef has fallen asleep in the car, so there were no tears of disappointment! We were in quite a queue of 30+ cars, that didn’t get in, so it really pays to be there when the gates open.

I was really surprised with how popular the drive-in still was. There were lots of people there (on a Thursday) . A night at the drive-ins is a good idea for the summer holidays.

Two classic cars in the row in front of us were straight out of to 1950s – a Fairlane and a Thunderbird. There was a gorgeous Mustang behind us too. It added to the nostalgia and made me feel like I had gone back in time! Check it out for some good old fashioned fun!


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