Grilld Airstream at Bar Pop (Urban Orchard Perth)

UntitledgrilldIt’s these balmy summer nights that we sometimes take for granted in Perth.  It was a beautiful Wednesday and I bet 95% of people were commuting home after a days work; to cook dinner and watch a bit of TV. Not us. We’re all for the mid-week jaunt. It breaks up the working week and brings a bit of excitement to hump-day. So what if you have to work tomorrow? Toughen up I say!

UntitledferWe weren’t staying out till late, just having a chilled drink at the Urban Orchard’s Bar Pop. It overlooks the city skyline and is in the grounds of Perth Cultural Centre – just a second from the Perth train station. The pop up bar was stocked with Feral Brewery’s finest ales and the food was covered by Grilld Burgers. They were cooking them out of the Airstream – a retro food truck. It’s usually based on the East Coast doing the rounds with festivals, concerts and the like. The grand old lady had just completed a five day trip across the Nullarbor and WA sure was in for a treat on the “Wild West Burger Love Tour”.

IMG_9908We had two deliciously fresh burgers. Chef had the Crispy bacon & Cheese Burger ($13.50). I had the chicken, avocado andbBacon burger “Simon Says” ($14) Now for the revelation… It may just shock you… I’ve NEVER had a chicken burger before!! Don’t get me wrong, I love chicken – but for me a burger is all about the red meat burger patty. And the less shocking part was that I loved this chicken burger (a whole chicken breast). It was very tender and tasty.

IMG_9921So do yourself a favour and grab a burger from the Grilld Airstream while it’s still around. It’s at the Urban Orchard from 12 noon to 10.30pm till Friday the 22nd of November.

*Chef and I would like to thank Grilld for their kind invitation for us to go down to Bar Pop. We love Grilled burgers – here’s a link to our blog post on Grilld from a few months ago…


* voucher – 2 for 1 main menu item


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