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Recently, I went through an unpleasant experience in “the chair”. A few weeks ago I got two of my wisdom teeth taken out at the dentists – eeeek!! So, as incentive (and reward) I figured I should treat myself to a much more enjoyable experience in a chair – GOLD CLASS at Event Cinemas!

It was a doubly good reason to go – we just happened to see “The Wold of Wall Street” with my most favourite actor – the delicious Mr Leonardo Di Caprio. We got to the Event Cinemas in Innaloo 30mins before the movie started. This gave us time to peruse the menu and have a drink in the bar beforehand.

IMG_20140211_220453For those who haven’t experienced Gold Class; it’s basically a small cinema holding no more than about 40 people. The chairs are mostly in pairs – the recliners are big and squishy – very comfy indeed. Before the movie starts you give your order at the bar for drinks and food too, if desired. Chef gets a bit excited about this and orders a beer to be brought to him every 45 mins. I ordered a mojito for the beginning of the film and we staggered the food too.

IMG_20140131_192720This isn’t the first time we’ve visited gold class. On previous visits the food has always been good too. We had some arancini balls before the movie started. These were tasty, but I think that if they had been drizzled in Neapolitan sauce (or had some on the side) it would have been an even nicer dish.

We had sliders in the cinema, but sadly it was too dark for pictures! Chef really liked the Wagu Beef sliders (with chips) and I enjoyed the Pulled pork sliders (with onion rings) – $25 each. We wolfed it all down (pun intended!). My only gripe was my cocktail didn’t taste the best. I suspect this was to do with the post mix lemonade. The Mojito was very bitter and watery. But, since I was in the middle of a movie I’d been dying to see since I heard it was in production, I wasn’t going to miss a second complaining about my drink. My suspicions were confirmed when my lemon, lime, bitters drink was also a bit odd tasting, I ended up leaving it. I was more bothered about what was happening on screen! Saying all that, gold class is quite an extravagance for us, so I probably should have mentioned it to the staff.

The movie was fantastic. Though it is marketed as a drama, it is a very funny film. The part when Leo DiCaprio is at the country club with a Lamborghini is absolutely hilarious. All in all, we really enjoyed our few hours of luxury and I’m sure we’ll do it again. When is the next Leo movie out…. ?!

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