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My little sis “The Singer” had finally moved home from Sydney. She’s a fabulous person. It was fitting that we met up in one of the most fabulous venues in the CBD; for an oyster and champagne lunch. We sat at the long Print Hall bar – underneath the neon sign “Jerry’s Oysters”. Before long, the man himself, Jerry Fraser appeared. We were greeted like old friends – The Singer and Jerry go way back.

Jerry’s Oysters are renowned around Perth as THE BEST. He has been shucking the sublime little morsels for over 30 years. He hails from Scotland, but you’d not really know – he grew up in Latin America and we were even treated to some his Spanish skills – he’s a multi-talented man!

Jerry has three rules, for those who pull up a stool at his bar;

1 you never share

2 you never queue

3 you never count!

You should also not mention the “K” or the “F” words – Kilpatrick and Frozen.

Jerry sure knows his stuff about oysters. He sources the best from around our beautiful land. Jerry’s personal favourite are the Tasmanian Oysters, of which he gets a couple of bags a week. They sell VERY fast!! Albany Oysters are commonly eaten at Print Hall, but on this occasion we had oysters from South Australia. We enjoyed Coffin Bay Oysters (on the west coast of Eyre Peninsular) and the larger Franklin Harbour Oysters (from the bay of Cowell, on the east coast of the Eyre Peninsula).

Oysters are incredibly nutritious. Some Interesting Oyster facts…

  • Highest concentration of protein of ANY animal in the world
  • By eating 6 oysters, you will have the daily recommended allowance for Zink
  • They are 87% Water, 13% Zink, And an excellent source of calcium, iron, omega 3 and Vitamins A & B.
  • No cholesterol, practically no calories!

Jerry expertly shucked the oysters with his oyster knife, opening the shell, and then separating the oyster from the shell by cutting the muscle. They were so fresh. Most restaurants don’t shuck their own oysters. They’re often bought in, already being shucked up to two days prior. Once oysters are shucked and washed in fresh water, given that they’re salt water creatures, they basically start to decompose. Shucked to order should be only way to eat them raw.

The Oysters, served on ice, are delicious – however you eat them. At Print Hall they come accompanied with lemon, lime and a couple of very tasty dressings. I loved the Asian-style dressing – it didn’t overpower the flavours of the oyster.  The duct muscle is sweet; though it can be gristly. Some oysters are very salty; some have a more subtle, buttery flavour. It really depends on the region they are from and what the waters are like there. The smaller of the two varieties we had, the Coffin Bay oysters, were my favourite. Bigger isn’t better – the smaller oysters are often the tastiest.

The Singer and I had a half dozen each, with our glass of bubbles. What shall we have next, what would complement the oysters, we mused? We came to the conclusion it would be more oysters (and Champagne!).  We decided on the Prawn cocktail; which was beautifully presented in a martini glass. Like so many things at the moment, like the “old fashioned” drinks etc – everything old is new again. The prawns were deliciously juicy, the sauce sweet and tangy. As the Singer said – it was just like Nans!

I’ve had quite a few visits to Print Hall now. I love its ambiance – the staff and service is top-notch. At the moment they’re running an Oyster Frenzy promo.

You don’t have to dine at the Print Hall bar to enjoy Jerry’s Oysters. They are available in Print Hall’s main dining room; the Apple Daily Eating House upstairs and Bobs rooftop Bar also have oysters on their menus. Jerry swaps between the three venues owned by the Colonial Leisure Group – he can also be found The Raffles (Applecross) & The Royal (East Perth) various days of the week. Jerry is highly regarded and many people seek him out when visiting Perth. He’s recently shucked for the Masterchef presenters, P!nk’s management team and also Manu. He was in for lunch the day before us.

Jerry has a tremendous passion for oysters and it’s infectious. I left feeling that “the world was my oyster” (hehe!)  I was already looking forward to sitting at his bar again in the not-too-distant future; it was a very enjoyable way to spend a mid-week afternoon.

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  1. Love it – have eaten Jerrys Oysters at several places and always the best! SO fresh – the selection is great and Jerry guides you on your preference. Five stars all day long!

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