Voyage Kitchen – 2nd visit

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It’s not been long since our last visit here. I was so surprised that I’d A) Never been and B) how lovely the cafe is, we promised ourselves we’d come in for a proper meal. After posting our little Coffee n Cake recommendation, a few of our lovely FB “likers” commented that it was a fantastic place to dine – so we were keen to check out what the Voyage Kitchen’s Kitchen had to offer!!!

We were NOT disappointed!! We headed in for lunch, it was a rainy Thursday, but it was still incredibly busy. We had…

Zucchini Fritters $23

Zucchini fritters, smoked salmon, rocket, poached eggs and lemon sour cream and your choice of one daily salad. OH MY GOODNESSSS!!! Though it was lunchtime, I really fancied a brunch-y kind of dish. This was perfect! Everything about it, from the fluffy fritters, to the scrumptious salmon and the perfect runny eggs was divine. I chose a beetroot salad on the side, which was crunchy and sweet. I could eat it again and again – wow!

Little Chef enjoyed the kids Sausage and Chips ($10).

Club Voyage $25.50

Grilled Mt. Barker free range chicken, fresh tomato, avocado, free range bacon and poached egg, rocket and Dijon mayo, served with hand cut chips. My terrible photo doesn’t do this justice, Chef really loved it. It was well made and super fresh.

We were both impressed by the lovely Voyage and will be back again (and again and again!). If you haven’t tried VK yet – get your butt down there, we’re sure you’ll love it!!

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