Kustom Cupcakes, Lathlain {CLOSED}

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I’ve been driving past Kustom Cupcakes, at least six times a week, for as long as they’ve been open. Each time, I gaze longingly, wishing I wasn’t in a rush to pick up little Chef from school or get to work on time. A couple of weeks ago I FINALLY got to drop in to grab a couple of treats.

I knew they’d be scrumptious – work treated me to Kustom Cupcakes for my big 3-0 recently. A good friend of mine also got some fabulous “man cakes” (bourbon themed cupcakes), for her husband’s birthday.


We had…

Red Velvet – So rich, smooth and delicious!

Cookie Dough – a filled cupcake, SO TASTY!!

Bubble-gum – Topped with Nerds. Little Chef thought this was THE BOMB!

A delicious afternoon tea!

And for Encore….  A Stuffed Oreo – I narrowly escaped a sugar coma, Chef and I shared this. But we both wished we’d gotten one each!! Its an Oreo biscuit stuffed with peanut butter, dipped in chocolate. Mmmmmmmm delish  A MUST try!!

Kustom Cupcakes also sell good coffee to go, which comes with an oreo, as well as the scrumptious Ben and Jerry’s Ice-cream! I’m so glad I popped in on my way home from work. I fear that I’ve started something though, uh-oh!

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