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I seem to be starting a lot of my posts lately with “It was a sunny winters day…”. Well this day was much the same! We are very lucky to live in the beautiful weather-blessed state of Western Australia! There aren’t too many days that are complete wash outs. It was bright and cheery and a good day for lunch on the coast.

Chef had been to the “new” Portofino’s a few times, but I’d not visited since they were in Hillarys Boat Harbour – about 4 years ago. They have a lovely restaurant, with huge glass windows making the most of the uninterrupted ocean view. Next door, is the more casual Café, one side overlooking the ocean and the other overlooking a fenced playground.

This traditional Italian eatery serves all the things you’d expect; like Pasta and Pizza. I wasn’t seriously hungry, so I chose from their “something light” menu.

Salt & Pepper Squid ($16) The well-seasoned battered squid was very tender. It was a light dish and came along with a grapefruit, tomato and avocado salad. I enjoyed it, but wished it had come with a side of aioli and I think they could have been a little bit more generous with the avocado.

Italian Meat Pizza ($24) The crispy thin-based pizza was topped with Prosciutto, Ham & Mozzarella. Chef enjoyed it and thought the base and the topping were equally tasty.

Little Chef gobbled up his Fish & Chips ($10), from the kids menu!

The service was friendly and prompt.  We liked this family friendly idea of incorporating a playground. After we ate, we watched Little Chef play whilst Chef and I had a coffee and chat – in peace!!

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