The Old Courthouse, Fremantle

Your Honor, I plead guilty of oversharing in the first degree.

To be fair, I’m not one for a selfie or weird Tik Tok dance, but if you follow me over on Instagram you’ll see what I’ve been eating lately. And the very latest morsel I’ve devoured has been at a brand new, but also old, venue in Fremantle.

The Old Courthouse Fremantle, as its name suggests, was the port town’s courthouse for many decades. After it was decommissioned, it lay dormant till it recently has enjoyed a beautiful restoration and conversion into a restaurant, bar and event space. I love all the historic notes.

As well as the old building, a modern pavilion has also opened, which is a light, bright place to dine, overlooking the outside courtyard.

The Old Courthouse has plenty of fun with its colourful past. Just some infamous people that have passed through the courtroom and stood in the timber dock are Bon Scott (ACDC’s original front man), the murderous Bernie couple (yikes) and even Alan Bond. You can stand in the dock yourself! It would be rude not to, right?

Another fun photo opp is a rouge’s gallery of past criminals. You can stand against the wall and choose a fitting crime! Well, I certainly don’t feed my dinner to the dog.

The outside area has plenty of tables under dappled shade. A sandpit will keep little ones busy.

I’d like to spend a lazy hour or two on that swing!

I picked a light caprese salad. Fresh heirloom tomatoes with creamy buffalo mozzarella and ripped basil, with an addition of shredded roast chicken. The salad was tasty and well dressed. Other items on the menu include share plates (lots of cured, pickled and preserved goodies), plus steak, pasta Ruben sandwich and the house specialty rotisserie chicken.

Onto the “Juvies” kids menu, which got a giggle from me. Kids meals are inclusive of a choice of drinks, as well as a choice of three flavours of il Gelato. There are a few decent choices, a much better selection than your average chicken nuggets etc, including roast chicken and veggies. Little Chef enjoyed the fish and chips, which came along with a small side salad.

Little Chef then devoured a tub of the Cotton Candy il Gelato flavour and declared it to be the best flavour ever.

The Old Courthouse Fremantle has been wonderfully restored and it’s well worth checking out.

Find The Old Courthouse Fremantle at 45 Henderson St, Fremantle. (behind the markets)

Get more info on their website.

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