Flashmop Made my Kitchen Sparkle

I’m going to go a little “Lifestyle Blogger” for a minute…  

I had a cleaner from new Perth-business Flashmop clean my house the other day and I mean this with all sincerity – it was a life-changing experience! It really got me thinking… that A) I do WAY too much around the home and B) I don’t do enough! So many areas came up so clean I didn’t realise just how grotty they had become. Ew. But before I get into that…

What is “Flashmop”?! It’s an app for cleaners – a kind-of “Uber” for getting your house shiny and clean. Created by Perth mum Megan Harrison, who wanted to make finding a great local cleaner as easy as it should be.

The app is SO simple to use. All I did was download the free app onto my phone, create a simple profile, selected a date I wanted a clean and from the available cleaners I chose one to do my dirty work! All up it took less than five minutes.

Pre-clean, I was really excited, as I’d never had a cleaner before (Unless you count my Mum 😉 ). I resisted the urge to “clean before the cleaner”, but I did make sure all floors and surfaces were free of clutter to get in the way if the cleaner doing their job.

On the day of the clean, Yangchen the friendly cleaner turned up, arms full of equipment and cleaning products, and immediately set to work.

Yagchen very efficiently carried out these jobs and more:


Dusting (those cookbooks were very dusty!)


Clean kitchen (I couldn’t believe how shiny the sink and stove came up)

Clean Bathrooms

Made Beds

I was blown away with the finished result. It was the real “deep clean” that my house needed and I didn’t ever have time to do. Let’s hope it lasts for a few weeks!

I was so happy with the whole process, and would absolutely pay to use Flashmop again.

I had a 4 bedroom, 2 Bathroom house clean, which took around 2 hours and is valued at $160.

Why you should treat yourself to a cleaner.

Flashmop is brilliant if you’re not in a position to commit to a regular cleaner. Where you can easily book a top-rated cleaner at the touch of a button. Even if you can’t afford a regular clean, I’d recommend using a cleaner before the festive season and at a few other points in the year, just to give yourself a break.

Personally, I know I’m doing too much. I work my socks off with my day job, have a family to take care of and often feel overwhelmed and overworked. Generally, I think most modern-day women are not only expected to be 1950s style housewives with immaculate homes, putting nutritious meals cooked from scratch on the table etc etc – we also need to work to help to pay the bills.

Frankly, I’ve been really struggling with this. Trying to do everything is exhausting and I often feel like I’m failing. I like a clean and tidy home and am not wired to just “let it go”. If you have a partner that likes to help out at home, it eases the burden considerably. If you’re single, or have a partner that’s a shift worker or works FIFO, then you maybe in the same boat as me. Something has to give.

Give yourself a break, and let someone else take care of your cleaning! What would I do if I had a few spare hours? It would be tempting to sit on my laptop and catch up on work, but I’d love to take my dog for a walk along the coast, or have a family game of mini golf – even curling up with my favourite book would be A-Mazing. Go on, download the Flashmop app and treat yourself (and our house!).

Find out more on the Flashmop website.

Flashmop invited me to use their service free of charge. All words and opinions are my own.

WIN a Flashmop Clean

What would you do if you had a few spare hours to yourself? I’d love to treat one household to a big clean! I’ve teamed up with Flashmop to give one lucky person a sparkling clean house. This will be running April 11th (after 7.30pm) to the 15th on my Facebook Page, so be sure to head over there and enter!

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