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This one’s HOT off the press! This morning we brunched at Lot One Kitchen Hillarys, a brand new eatery in the northern suburbs, which has really hit the ground running!


We popped by for a late brunch. So late, that Little Chef preferred to eat something for lunch. The new restaurant, which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner has had a beautiful fit out. There’s lots of tables and a cosy nook with sofas too. I love it’s use of tanned leather and stunning light fixtures.


The service was good, but a little green. I’m happy to give them the benefit of the doubt, being so new! The roast used at Lot One Kitchen is Di Bella. Chef was happy with his flat white and even grabbed a take away on our way out.


Feeling a cold coming on, I chose a “beet it” beetroot and ginger juice.


Little Chef had a chocolate milkshake treat.


The Food

The brunch menu is impressive. I’m on the lookout for gluten free options these days and there were plenty on the menu here. In fact, there were a few dishes I’d have liked to have tried, the house smoked salmon and the chicken bone broth in particular, we’ll definitely have to return for another meal or three.

Chef picked the slow cooked beef brisket, which sits upon a crisp hash brown. Topped with a fried egg (sunny side up), and a chimichurri sauce, bursting with fresh herbs. He loved this dish. He’s eyeing up the big breakfast to try next time.


The “Green Eggs” is a lush brunch dish. Free range eggs are scrambled along with coriander and garlic sautéed veg – finely chopped zucchini, spinach, broccoli, and more. Roasted truss tomatoes and avocado are on the side. I added a serve of bacon too. Because, well… BACON!


Little Chef picked the slider-sized burger and chips ($12) from the kids menu. He relished the double cheeseburger and hand cut chips. They’ll be something to suit all kids with eight choices on the “all day” menu. There’s also colouring in and a few little games and toys to keep little ones amused.


Lot One Kitchen has a delicious brunch offering and we were impressed with the flavour and quality of the dishes. I do love a cheffy brunch. The spot in northern Hillarys has been open barley a week and I have a really good feeling about this one… recommended!


Find out more on the Lot One Kitchen Hillarys website.

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  1. Wow, I never want to go to Hillary’s for the food. Those green eggs have my attention though… I sound like a millennial (which I am too old to be!) to bring up the avocado but damn, that looks good!
    xx Jenelle

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