Maison Saint-Honore, Swan Valley


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Here’s a truth bomb… for years I’ve been guilty of pronouncing the word “macaron” wrong! It’s “mac-a-ron” not “mac-a-roon” (coconut biscuit). Silly me…


I had a #girlboss catch up with a couple of lovely ladies in the Swan Valley, coffee and notepads at the ready. I work from home now, freelancing with writing and social media, and these networking and “pep-talk” meetings are invaluable for sharing ideas and encouraging each other. Working on your own can be incredibly lonely!


Our venue for the meeting was Maison Saint-Honore in the Swan Valley. It’s a cute little spot for a catch up of any description. Out the front there are tables on the grass, as well as a small play area for children.


The interior of the factory has a rustic French provincial feel. There’s plenty of seating inside and out.


The Tasty Treats…

It was a bit of a struggle what to pick – we were quite spoiled for choice with loads of cakes, desserts, tarts and more!


A macaron would have been an obvious choice, so I picked the lime cheesecake. It was silky smooth and oh so scrummy! And one of my last indulgences before I had to go on my dreaded “FODMAP” food elimination diet (more about that another time).


One of the ladies had a mille-feuille, which means a million layers in French. It’s a pretty fancy custard slice. All the cakes, biscuits and slices are presented with a lot of technique, their pastry chefs are clearly very talented!


Maison Saint-Honore is a fantastic spot for a sweet treat. There’s a few savoury items available too and I did spy a brunch menu, so I’ll have to “investigate” that further!


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