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 My PerthFECT Local Product Review and Competition

The Little Feast Company is a local business, run by a couple of busy Perth Mums for other busy Perth Mums! Little Feast’s founder, Julia, wanted to create family friendly meals that everyone can enjoy together around the dining table, no matter how busy you are. IMG_2934

Why choose Little Feast? The meals are:

    • Nutritious – full of hidden veggies
    • No nasties – all natural ingredients
    • Mild flavours to suit young children and fussy eaters
    • High quality – Julia painstaking chooses the very best ingredients
    • Choice of three serving sizes to suit your family
    • Local small business – owned and run by Perth Mums.

Recently I met Amy who is the passionate co-owner of this fabulous little business for a coffee and enjoyed learning how these two friends have grown the Little Feast Co over the last couple of years. I was very excited to try the meals out for myself. When I got my box of frozen goodies home I quickly realised I didn’t have enough space in my freezer – whoops! After a quick freezer chuck out (which really needed doing) I had the rectangular boxes nicely stacked in my freezer – a perfect fit.IMG_2942

There are so many reasons why it’s a brilliant idea to have a couple of Little Feast Co’s meals stashed in your freezer:

  1. For busy weekdays, when you don’t have time to cook, but don’t want a take away.
  2. For when you’re feeling under the weather and too sick to cook.
  3. If you have a fussy child and you feel like eating something spicy/different for yourself, but don’t want to cook 2 separate meals.
  4. Really feel like having a night off from the kitchen.
  5. Also a great practical gift for family and friends who are ill or just had a baby.

On this week we fell under 1, 2, 3 and 4. The whole household had come down with a bad cold, Chef and I had hectic weeks and cooking (at home) was the absolute last thing on our minds.

As a Mum, I get terrible food guilt if Little Chef doesn’t get his 5 veg and 2 fruit each day. I’m an unashamed label reader too – always searching for hidden nasties and additives. Chef, on the other hand doesn’t get food guilt at all and would be happy to eat take away meals a few times a week – something that fills me with horror!IMG_2998

Each Little Feast meal has been carefully prepared and has mild tastes for little one’s, lots of veggies and no hidden nasties – just good honest home cooking. There are five dishes on offer with an additional “surprise” dish which changes regularly.

Popping a Little Feast meal in the oven made me feel like I was heating up something that I’d cooked myself. They are very much the type of meals I spend my own precious time preparing. Instead, I had a few nights off to do something else like playing lego with Little Chef or even catching up on Corrie, my favourite TV soapie.

Each meal comes in a choice of sizes:

  • Peckish (feeds 1 or 2 Adults or up to 3 kids) $12.00
  • Hungry (feeds at least 5 children or an average family depending on appetites) $18.00
  • Famished (feeds lots of kids or a large family. Great for entertaining). $32.00IMG_2971

I shared a few of the smaller “Pekish” meals with Little Chef, when Chef was at work, so I bulked those out with a side serve of salad and garlic bread. The “Hungry” meals were perfect for the three of us. The largest of all, a “Famished” Cottage Pie, we still have in the freezer as I think it will be too big for just three of us. I’m looking forward to enjoying that with Nanna and Grandad one night.

Here’s what we ate:

Night One – I gave Little Chef the choice of meal and without hesitation he chose his favourite – Happy Soul Lasagne. The three of us ate the “Hungry” size – approx. 1kg. The beef bolognaise packed with hidden veggies, carrot, red capsicum, mushroom, onion and of course tomato. Layered with deliciously creamy white sauce and layers of pasta, topped with cheers. It’s a hearty meal and went down very well.IMG_2969

Night Two – The second night was my pick – the Smarty Pants Fish Pie. Little Chef and I ate the “Peckish” size – approx. 500g. It’s a mild and creamy pie, filled with a selection of fish and vegetables (sweetcorn, peas, broccoli and carrot) topped with a layer of wonderfully cheesy mashed potato and sweet potato. The chunks of different fish, smoked cod, salmon and white fish made it very tasty indeed. It’s also gluten free.IMG_2958

Night Three – It was a very wintery night and Granny Angel’s Chicken and Vegetable Bake went down a treat! The three of us shared a “Hungry” size – approx. 1kg. Filled with chunks of free range chicken, cubes of potato, leek, carrot and broccoli and covered in a smooth, creamy sauce, with a hint of djon mustard and a crunchy cheesy topping.IMG_2982

For dessert we all enjoyed a “Surprise special” Lemon Delight. The self-saucing pudding was oozing with zesty syrup. Little Chef even went back for seconds.IMG_2996

Night Four – we all  relished the “Surprise Moroccan”, which is mild enough to appeal to small children and tasty enough to satisfy the grown ups too. This dish is a combination of slow cooked lamb with chickpeas, pumpkin, sweet potato and carrot, apricots, mint, cumin and cinnamon. I cooked a little pearl cous cous on the side. IMG_3015

Night Five – Little Chef and I shared a “Peckish” sized Ready Steady Go! Vegetarian Lasagne. I chucked together a green salad and garlic bread too. To be honest, Little Chef wasn’t too excited about the prospect of going vego for the night – but he wolfed it down. The lasagne is bursting with veg – all blended to a smooth texture to make it easy for little people to enjoy. Layered with rich tomato, spinach with ricotta and roast pumpkin, pasta, creamy white sauce and topped with cheese – it’s very tasty. It actually reminded me of my favourite cannelloni dish.IMG_3024

By the end of the five days my virus had all but gone. I know chilling out, instead of rushing around Coles or Woolies in a flap and hurriedly preparing dinner helped, as well as eating dinners packed with loads of hidden veggies. I had a hard time deciding on just which was my favourite meal. I particularly relished the fish pie and vegetarian lasagne. Little Chef loved the lasagne and lemon delight. Chef’s favourite had to be the meaty Moroccan lamb.

For more details check out the Little Feast Co’s website.  Also, find them over on Facebook and give them a like. Their meals are also found in the freezers of some IGA’s. I know I’ll be heading to Lakeside Joondalup IGA to grab a few more. Find a store near you here….

A big thank you to Amy and Julia for the fantastic frozen meals!! They are available from just $12 and are of the very highest quality. Keep a couple in your freezer – they’re a Mum’s lifesaver!IMG_2991

MOTHERS DAY COMP – WIN 5 “Hungry” Frozen Meals worth $90.

Head over to my FACEBOOK page to enter (Comp Ends 30th April 2016). 




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