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Chu Bakery on William Street, Highgate, has been open just a few months. In its short life, the teeny tiny bakery has amassed a very strong and loyal following, often selling out of its sweet goodies. Little Chef and I headed there on what felt like a sort of pilgrimage. It was a school holiday treat – for both of us!IMG_1474

There’s not a lot of room inside the small bakery and faced with so many good-looking pastries, I started to feel a little overwhelmed! I definitely needed sugar and fast! For Little Chef, deciding which pastry to pick for morning tea wasn’t quite as tough – he made a bee-line for the first thing he saw that was covered in chocolate! There are almond croissants, passionfruit and chilli brioche doughnuts (which sound very interesting!). If it wasn’t so hot I would have grabbed a coffee too.IMG_1476

There’s just a few stools outside Chu. I had my sights on the gorgeous Hyde Park right across the street. Little Chef found a spot to sit on the grass, right under a shady jacaranda tree. Perfect.IMG_1483

Little Chef literally hoovered up his hazelnut praline éclair. It was spot on, I was lucky enough to have a very small nibble. It’s absolutely the best éclair I’ve ever tasted. The light choux pastry is golden brown and filled with decedent hazelnut praline cream.IMG_1487

I took a little longer over my Lychee and raspberry chu puff, taking some photos, then savouring the pastry and raspberry cream. Hiding inside was the sweet lychee and boy was that a great flavour combo! Everyone seems to pick the ‘on trend’ matcha chu puff, but I really loved this version. Raspberry Chu puff

After we’d scoffed our sweet treats, we walked it off around the little lakes and had a run about the playgrounds. It was so lovely to meet Chu!!IMG_1481

Chef was a bit upset we’d made the visit without him – so we’ll be seeing Chu again very soon I’m sure! 🙂IMG_1479

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      1. With school going back soon i’m sure there’ll be plenty of time to go there! ‘m always keen for a coffee and treat if you ever feel up for a quick meet n greet 🙂

  1. You sold me on the lychee and raspberry (my fave fruit) , and I’m going to go tomorrow. I’ve read so many glowing reviews about this place and I still haven’t been! Might have to get a few extras to take home to make up for lost time 🙂

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