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The Local Shack is found in the CBD and at Scarborough Beach – last week it also opened at Lakeside Joondalup – which is has had its fair share of new food venues open lately and there’s still more to come! Chef and I popped there for breakfast and a coffee. The roast they use is a local blend, which we both enjoyed.IMG_9166

The interior of the Local Shack is decked out in corrugated iron and surfing murals. It certainly has a rustic beach shack feel and sitting there we didn’t even feel like we were in a shopping centre. Some tables have games like connect four, draughts and jenga which is a bit of good fun too.IMG_9174

From the all day breakfast menu I chose the smashed avocado ($13). Fresh avocado was spread onto sourdough, topped with crumbled goats cheese and a side of ploughman’s pickle. I added two eggs for an extra $3. Our friendly waiter told us that the eggs were sous vide (cooked in a water bath at about 63 degrees for a couple of hours). Great I thought, I love a sous vide egg – it is perfectly poached and runny. Unfortunately, the eggs didn’t quite live up to my expectations, as they came out pretty much cold. The rest of the dish was good, though I would have liked a bit more avocado too – actual chucks rather than a smear. The ploughmans pickle was tasty and gave the dish some punch. IMG_9172

Chef chose the “Benedict by Shack” ($15) with a side of bacon for an extra $4. Eggs benedict is Chef’s favourite breakfast staple and though this dish had elements he liked – sous vide eggs and fresh sourdough, he found the eggs too cold for his liking. He also wishes that the kitchen was more generous with the hollandaise sauce – not just zig-zagging it across the eggs.IMG_9169

All in all we like the vibe of the Local Shack. The service was friendly and informative. The food was generally good, but we’d have liked the portions to be more generous – without our sides we would have left a little hungry. The Local Shack has been open barley a week, so once the kitchen team have settled in, we’ll be back to sample their burgers and pizzas for sure!IMG_9177

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