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I’ve said it before – my brunch “to eat” list is as long as my arm and gets longer by the day. Somewhere that’s been on my wish list for far too long is Mary Street Bakery, opposite The Queens, on bustling Beaufort Street. Recently, Chef and I had dropped Little Chef at school, on his first day of Year One. Feeling impulsive we decided to treat ourselves to a child free brunch, now that the summer holidays were over (hooray!!). Our brunch was childfree, but not quiet. The Mary Street Bakery is a busy spot and quite noisy when full.IMG_8458

We grabbed some drinks while we looked over the menu. Chef enjoyed his coffee. At Mary Street bakery they have Pound Coffee – which we both rate at one of the very best roasts in Perth. I had an organic, cold pressed “red juice” from The Juicist.IMG_8457

I just had to order “The Talbot” $24. Thought I’m not usually a fan of black pudding, I was prepared to brave it, in the name of pork belly! I’m pretty much obsessed with pork belly and when I spotted it on the brunch menu my eyes almost popped out of my head. The scotch egg is a favourite picnic food from my pommie childhood – an egg is encased in sausage meat and them crumbed and fried. I’d never had a runny scotch egg before and it was egg-selent (oh dear!). It was seriously good. The green tomato relish was grand and I even surprised myself and enjoyed the black pudding, something my Dad loves, but could never tempt me to try – the thought of a “blood pudding” didn’t excited me, but I really enjoyed MSB’s version.IMG_8463

Chef, ever the predictable diner, chose the steak sambo $19. It was a gourmet version of the pub food classic and wedged in-between fresh thick cut slices of bread was perfectly cooked rump, fried onion, aioli and lettuce. Chef decided to pimp it up a bit (though it didn’t really need it) and also ordered a side of bacon for $5. Chef was impressed, and soon wolfed it down.IMG_8461

And true to it’s name – up at Mary Street Bakery’s counter there are organic artisan breads and baked goods a plenty – pies, sausage rolls, cakes and pastries. Though I didn’t treat myself this time, I’ll have to go back for a sweet treat soon! We were both impressed with the well cooked food, top quality drinks choices and friendly service.IMG_8470


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