Bib’s Tuck Shop – Yanchep {CLOSED}

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We had to travel to Yanchep for Little Chef’s away football game last weekend. After sitting on the sidelines of a damp and cold pitch, we were all looking for something to warm our bellies. Bib’s Tuck shop is just off Two Rocks Road, in a new housing estate in Yanchep. This little café isn’t to be confused with Bib and Tucker, some 60kms away.

IMG_1622We walked through the door and were lucky to get a table; breakfast is very popular at Bib’s. We were greeted by the waitress and the Chef called a “good morning” from the open kitchen too. They were friendly, welcoming and I knew they were my kind of people – a chalkboard had “Bacon is meat candy” scrawled across it. Amen to that! We sat down to study the menu. We ordered some coffee – which was really good quality.IMG_1603

Our table was against a wall that had a beautiful and very colourful mural on it by a local tattoo artist. The café has that cool vibe that you usually only get closer to the city.IMG_1620

Chef had eggs, how you like, on sourdough ($10) He added bacon, sausage and hash browns for an extra $2.50 each. He said it was all well cooked and very tasty. Chef particularly liked the crispy home made hash browns which were cooked on the grill plate instead of the common deep fried version.IMG_1609

I had homemade muesli with yogurt, fruit and local honey ($12) The toasted oats where topped with a layer of yogurt which in turn was topped by a layer of fruit. I loved the presentation in the jar and it was as good and healthy as it looked!IMG_1610

Little Chef was pleased they had his favourite – he loved his ham and cheese croissant.

Bib’s is a lovely little café that is so rare in these parts. I bet the locals couldn’t believe their luck when this opened recently (December 2013). I’d love to try their lunch menu as the burgers sounded really delicious too.IMG_1618

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  1. Bib’s is now a regular part of our weekend, things just don’t seem right without breakfast with Sara and Ian. As you say they truly make you feel like part of the family from the moment you arrive. Definately do lunch, and you must all try the corn fritter it is to die for!!

  2. Seems to have changed hands, Ian and Sara are no longer there and quality left as well. Now just poor processed ingredients served up at homemade prices, disappointing

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