Street art in the Perth CBD

IMG_1191For those of you who have followed me for a while, especially on Instagram, you will have noticed that I love a good mural! Whether it’s the big bad wolf on the Wolf Lane Bar, the colourful zebras on the side of Freo café Ootong & Lincoln or the gritty gangsta mural Toastface Grillah, they’re all masterpieces to me.


IMG_1209Recently there was the inaugural Perth street art festival “Public: Art in the City”. Little Chef and I took a wander just off King Street, to check out Wolf Lane – where a lot of the murals are located. There were artists still painting (some up on cherry pickers), making once abandoned lanes into an inviting bright burst of colour. An open garage next to Tiger Tiger Coffee is a make shift gallery, with murals adorning every inch of wall space. I even found one by my favourite WA artist Anya Brock.IMG_1204


Here’s what we found… IMG_1203

Dolphin Fish - Wolf Lane
Dolphin Fish – Wolf Lane
Some old street art!!!
Some old street art!!!


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