Sculpture by the Sea – Cottesloe Beach

UntitledssAfter a casual brunch at Il Lido in Cottesloe, Chef and I attended the opening of Sculpture by the Sea. On the sand and amongst the Norfolk Pines, you can view works by over 70 local, interstate and international artists.

UntitledssssI enjoy art, though my personal preference lies in photographic images. I’m not really the best qualified person to comment on sculptures. I simply like what I see, whether it is pretty, kooky or fun. There is a wide mix of sculptures, all shapes, sizes and made from a wide range of materials – even barbie dolls! IMG_0618

There is a skeleton riding a bike, tips of surfboards poking through the white sand, a wave made of dolls and much more. There are many sculptures that I simply have no idea what they are or what they are supposed to represent – but they look great. There were bags full of sand, outside the Indiana Tea House, which I didn’t even realise were part of the exhibition! Whoops. I really love “Red Centre”, hundreds of red and yellow flags that make a large circle on the beach. The flags look good in photos, but nothing like how amazing they look flapping together in the sea breeze.

Admittedly, being a wine lover – my favourite piece is the giant goon bag!! The actual name of the piece is “Bulk Carrier”, which was created by Mount Lawley Artist Norton Flavel. I love it for its playful novelty value. I had heard that the 15 meter sculpture has a price tag of $20, 000 – who said cask wine was cheap?!20140307_113540

Sculpture by the Sea is actually one of the world’s largest free public events. I’m not sure how accurate the figure is, but a local restaurateur told me that 250, 000 people were expected to attend the event. It’s on till the 24th of March. We’d love to enjoy this in years to come, so make sure you pop a gold coin donation in the bucket.IMG_0604

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