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Padbury’s restaurant has been a Guildford stalwart for over 15 years. It’s housed in a quaint old building and despite it being around for such a long time – this was my first visit here. I was there with Miss S and Mrs H. The three of us were seated at a table in the window, under a shimmering chandelier. We had a good view of Terrace Road and the Rose and Crown Hotel; across the street. The service was efficient and friendly. Mrs H even got “happy birthday” sung to her, by the lovely Irish waitress.

The origins of the name “Padbury’s” is from Walter Padbury, one of the state’s greatest builders and entrepreneurs. In the mid-1800’s when WA was a new colony, he became WA’s first millionaire. Padbury was also a great philanthropist. One of his biggest legacies was organising the telegraph line from Adelaide that connected isolated Perth to the rest of the world. The building itself, originally the “Padbury Stores” is heritage listed – it dates back to 1869. But enough of the history lesson.

We ordered a couple of entrées and a couple of mains from the menu…

20140208_185054Chilli garlic prawns (choice of Mild, Medium or Hot) $21.50  A generous serve of WA Tiger prawns, served sizzling – tossed with chilli flakes, garlic and butter served with fresh bread.

20140208_185048Field Mushroom ($15.50) Char grilled, local field mushroom, pine nut pesto, garlic bread with a pear and parmesan cheese salad. Mrs H enjoyed this – it was big and juicy.

20140208_185028Barramundi ($35) This was a well-cooked North West Barramundi fillet served with sweet potato mash, green beans, baby carrots, broccolis, prawns and finished with hollandaise sauce

20140208_184929Suckling Pork Belly ($30.50) The moist pork belly was braised for three hours served with honey apples, beetroot puree, caramel apples, green beans & broccoli and an Asian sauce. I enjoyed this, but I have to admit I do prefer it when my Pork belly has crackle on top.

20140208_192507Chocolate Fondant ($13.50) This is what Padbury’s call their “Famous Fondant”. I had to try it after a big claim like that! So often these aren’t executed correctly – they don’t ooze with chocolaty goodness. This did, and I’m sure I let out a little squeal of excitement! As they say – the proof is in the pudding. It’s a very nice dessert and served with chocolate ice cream.

Overall we enjoyed the food at Padbury’s. Whilst it wasn’t mind-blowing – it was for the most part well cooked and nicely presented. I’d go back for the gooey pud for sure!


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