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I met up with an old friend and fellow blogger for lunch at Print Hall. Sarah Louise (of design and lifestyle blog Squeezed Daily) is a Perth girl that left WA for bigger and brighter things about six years ago. An Interior Designer by trade; she has decked out some high end London homes during her time in the UK, travelled to Mauritius to work on an interior design project for a holiday resort and then moved to Montreal, where she became a columnist for a Canadian home magazine.

In her absence, Perth has changed immensely. We had a little walk around the CBD when we met up and she was wow-ed by the changes and abundance of new hip venues. I thought it was only fitting to take her to the one of the places in town that has had the most dramatic of transformations – Brookfield Place. When Sarah lived in Perth it was merely a derelict hole-in-the-ground.

DSC06828Another of the changes Sarah noted was the prices in Perth. We all could bang on about it being an expensive state till the cows come home. Things aren’t cheap that’s for sure, but at the end of the day I really believe that most things are pretty relative and we do earn a lot more in WA than most places on the planet. Even so, I was a tad worried about taking her to Print Hall!

We popped up to Bob’s Bar, and then stopped by Print Hall for some lunch. We found prices on the Bar Menu surprisingly reasonable. Sarah was most impressed with the interior of the venue and I could see her studying every little detail – right down to the green grout in the tiles!!

IMG_20131219_172231I had the “Wood fire grilled pork”. It’s house smoked in BBQ sauce and served with slaw & sweet corn ($29)

This has got to be one of my ALL TIME favourite dishes. I’m not entirely sure what cut of meat was used, but it was basically like eating super tender ribs, without any bones. I LOVE ribs. To have the same experience – sans sticky fingers – was wonderful! (and much more lady like) ABSOLUTELLY DELICIOUS. The slaw and corn cob were great accompaniments.

UntitledSarah had the “Local Blue mussels” cooked with chili and celery and served with grilled sourdough on the side ($17). She really loved them. They were big in size and in flavour.

I was really impressed with the food at Print Hall. My previous visit was for Jerry’s fabulous oysters and champers – so it was great to try something a little more substantial this time.

Jerry’s Oyster Link>>

Afterwards, Sarah and I wandered around Brookfield Place. She was very impressed with the whole development – till a security guard rushed out and chastised her for taking photos of the buildings. Apparently it’s ok to take pics on your mobile phone, but not on an actual point and shoot camera. This makes no sense to me as my phone takes a better picture than my little old camera. It was a bit of a random rule and thought that it probably didn’t leave a good impression of the area with tourists. But anyhoo I digress…

We had a lovely catch up and lip smacking-ly scrumptious lunch. Print Hall is a tremendous addition to Perth. It’s been around for about 18 months now, but I still find there’s a lot of people who haven’t checked it out. From Bobs Bar (up on the roof), to the A* Apple Daily Bar and Eating House; it’s all excellent. I just need to check out Small Print now (the Print Hall bakery); any excuse to go back!!

You can visit Sarah’s Blog and follow her adventures as a newbie to Sydney at;

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