Kalamunda Farmers Markets – Every Sunday Morning

Something I love to do on a Sunday is have a wander around the Kalamunda Farmers Market. They are on each and every Sunday in the heart of the gorgeous hills suburb. I go to stock up my fridge with super fresh veggies, as well as grab something tasty for breakfast. I always treat myself to a bunch of flowers. The lilies are my favourite and I find they usually last for about 10 days (I’ve had some last well over 2 weeks). I probably head to the markets every 3 or 4 weeks (it’s a 100km round trip for us!). po

Ellahs eggs are egg-selent (sorry I couldn’t resist!). The eggs are huge, I get the “Mega Eggs” which are bigger than XL, but they often sell out. I enjoy these on toast for brekkie and then egg sandwiches for days, as they are so delicious and fresh. IMG_9581IMG_9580

Little Chef loves the Macaroons, from “The Little Oven Patisserie” stall – his favourite flavour is the chocolate raspberry macaroon.IMG_1237

We cannot pass the Elmars stall and their giant frypan of snags. Chef loves their German sausages with some fried onions and sauerkraut. Chef was also incredibly excited to see that they also had his favourite German tomato curry sauce for sale. He picked up some in Germany last year when he was at the Culinary Olympics and we were close to running out. At $9 for a large bottle, it was a lot cheaper than getting it online, which he had been looking into.IMG_9583IMG_9582

We got lots of fresh veggies from the various market stalls. I noticed the prices were much better than at the supermarket!! We picked up some lovely big parsnips for $8kg ($2kg less than coles). The cauliflower we had was lovely and I also got a bag of snow peas – freshly picked from a Walliston vegetable garden the night before. They were delicious in my salad that night!IMG_9646IMG_1246

The Farmers Wife Juice stall is somewhere I always stop off at the Markets. The exotic sounding “Kalamunda Sunrise” is my favourite concoction. The Farmers wife is a hills local, from down the road in Karragullen (near Pickering Brook) and the produce is super fresh – I always feel revitalised after a bit of that veg juice!!IMG_9586IMG_9584

As well as all of the above, there is also baked goods, plant stalls, honey, cheese stalls, fresh seafood, lots of food to eat and try. There’s live music, which creates a great atmosphere and a European vibe and a free bouncy castle for the kids. IMG_9589

There is a big sense of community at the Kalamunda markets. It’s also the perfect way to start a day in the hills; there are lots of lovely gift shops in Kalamunda. First Avenue in Barbery Square has some great kitchenware. Stirk Park is great for the kids. Afterwards you could go for a drive round the Bickley Valley Wineries and stop somewhere for lunch – I love the Core Cidery which is close by too. Then we drive back down the giant hill, back to suburbia – with me wishing I still lived in the beautiful Perth Hills!IMG_9618

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