The Dutch Butcher

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In Welshpool we aren’t short of lunch bars. Quality lunch bars though, are few and far between. I’m looking for far more than a Mrs Macs or Chico roll for my midday meal. It’s a little drive from where I work, but well worth a trip to The Dutch Butcher – easily one of Perth’s best Lunch Bars. It’s been in operation for over 55 years and has many loyal customers; which is why we go at 11.30am to avoid the lunch rush!!

Everything is super fresh – like the delicious double smoked ham, made with their 45 year old recipe. Their small goods are made on site -toungeworst, livewurst, rookworst, knackwurst, cervalaat, croquettes, bitterballen, weiswurst, just to name a few. They also have imported Dutch groceries, cakes and liquorices. As well as lots of hot food to go and the list goes on…

I usually order a medium salad roll with ham. It couldn’t get any fresher. It’s made right before my eyes. The girls in The Dutch Butcher are really friendly and make a darn good sandwich! The medium roll will fill me up for the rest of the day – they are very generous. I dread to think how big the “Large” is – ginormous I’d imagine!!

 And make sure you try one of their authentic Dutch Croquettes!! They are sensational 🙂

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