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The Boatshed market, in Cottesloe, is housed in a piece of West Australian history. It is THE boatshed where AUSTRALIA II, the Americas Cup winning yacht, was built in the 1980s. That’s not where the standards of excellence stop. Boatshed Markets are regarded as one of the very best gourmet retailers in Perth, by a whole range of prominent Perth Chefs. Even Manu shops there!


Chef often shops there if he’s looking for something hard to come by (random ingredients like rainbow chard & heirloom tomatoes). The quality and range of their fresh veg, fruit, cheeses, meats, seafood etc is fantastic. They also have a lot of ready-made salads and meals, made onsite by their chefs. The baked goods are all overseen by their award winning baker. 


The butchers section is full of everything you could imagine and more –lots of game meats and they even have fresh Haggis. They age and cure their own meats. Chef is a bit partial to Boatsheds own biltong; WAGU biltong no less!! It’s essentially air-dried meat, a South African style beef jerky. At close to $90 per kg, it’s a bit pricy, but it is done very well. I really enjoyed it too.


Their Fish Mongers stock mostly WA caught fish from Karratha. Their crabs are caught from Shark Bay and Mandurah. I love their Fish Pie. I’d been wanting to try them for a while. I bought one last week and found that they were every bit as delicious! as I had imagined! Lots of big chunks of fresh, flaky fish, scallops and prawns – perfect for a chilly winters dinner at home.



Notes – the pie comes in a foil container, with the mash piped on top – hence the mushy look of the photo!!

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