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The Chef, his Wife and their PERTH – fect life…

This is not a blog about a perfect life – you most definitely read that wrong!!

Chefs work long, crappy, unsociable hours. When we do have some rare time together we like to eat out. Chef and I both share a big love for food. We also share a big love for our home city. PERTH, Western Australia! Thursdays are our weekend, where we always try somewhere new and when we have found something fantastic – we love to share the news – hence the blog.

Ok, so I (“The Wife”) am the main contributor to this blog… Chef is a busy, busy man. Expect food recommendations from places in our beautiful Perth City and surrounds. I often find that when I get a recommendation to a restaurant or café they turn out to be not that great.  It’s hard to know what another person’s standards are. Some people are wow-ed by a giant plate full of food for $20. Over the years I think being married to a chef has raised the bar for me. I’m more of a “quality over quantity” kind of gal. Chef has worked in many a fine establishment, including  a Michelin starred restaurant in Europe.  Many of these recommendations will be child-friendly places, as we often have our “Little Chef” in tow… There also may be the odd cheffy morsel or two – as Chef is part of the national Australian Culinary Team and Western Australian Culinary Team.


The Chef’s Wife

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