The Beach Club (at The Cottesloe Beach Hotel)

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We visited the “The Beach Club” at Cottesloe Beach Hotel a few weeks back. I have to admit, I hadn’t been there for YEARS. The last memory I have is celebrating a mates 21st there in the infamous beer garden. I remember something about Sambuca shots… and have another very hazy memory about a delicious hot roast beef roll and gravy. Well, I hadn’t heard anything of “The Cott” for years. I’m not sure if it fell off the radar, or if I just grew up?!

Hearing that there had been a huge makeover at The Cott, Chef and I went down on a sunny Thursday for lunch. Well, it would seem I wasn’t the only one who had matured!! The Cott was now stunning. The design and fit out was fantastic. Stepping into the Beach Club, I could easily be in Miami or San Tropez. (I wish!). It has a very resort-y feel about it. We turned up at 12 noon – on the dot and it soon filled up. It’s a very popular venue – but no bookings are taken.


The menu is great. Russell Blaikie (MUST Winebar) is their consult chef and it really shows. There are a variety of choices, but it’s all very laid back, beachy food – with a fresh and funky twist. A lot of things are kept organic and locally sourced too, which I love to see. Kids are catered for, with Litte Chef choosing the freshly caught fish with chips. Chef, to my dismay (again!) had the100% Butterfield Beef burger, Swiss melt, aioli, rocket, tomato, house made pickles & chips ($20). I am sure he’s on a secret mission to find Perth’s best burger?! I think it has something to do with being surrounded by fancy food all day long – on his day off he says he craves something simple! I was enthusiastically told that it was very well cooked and delicious, especially the meat. Next time I will have to make him choose something more adventurous!


I chose the “Marinated West Australian meats cooked over charcoal, served with giant tabouli salad & tzatziki” ($27) I was given a choice of Arkady Margaret River lamb, Mount Barker chicken or mixed –so OF COURCE I chose the mixed meats – being a meat-atarian. If I could marry this dish I would (sorry Chef!). It was so simple, but one of the tastiest things I have eaten in Perth for a long, long time. The meat was so delicious and had a lip-smacking smoky taste. The tabouli complemented the lamb and chicken well; plump with a sprinkling of fresh herbs and well-seasoned. It was pure yumminess! The only thing I could pick at would be the little round plastic container used for the tzatziki. It looked like something you’d get your tartar sauce in, at the fish & chip shop. It looked a bit out of place, for such a pretty dish on a lovely black plate, but it’s really not much of an issue!

We had all being eying off the “Cott Soft Serve” The Cott’s very own soft serve ice-cream. The choices sounded heavenly; Cookies & cream, Peanut butter and Cherry delight  (cherries, marshmallow & white chocolate sauce) All $8. But alas, none of us had the room. A definite must for my next trip there!! I was won over by the new Cott at “crispy lamb”. I am actually still dreaming of that rotisseried  lamb and chicken and can’t wait till we MEAT again!! hehe


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